If you want speed cameras installed in Wapping then sign this please

Many residents are angry that thugs in cars still drive around Wapping at speed and neither the police or Tower Hamlets council are doing anything about it. So the Liberal Democrats have started a petition to force some change.

Install speed cameras in Wapping immediately

The petition request is simple “We call for the Council and Police to install speed cameras in Wapping immediately, to safeguard the lives of local residents.”

Click (or tap) right here to sign the petition to get speed cameras in Wapping E1W. 

Grey BMW car being pursued by a police vehicle lost control and crashed in Vaughan Way, Wapping at its junction with Kennet Street E1W. LONDON 20 FEBRUARY 2017

As it seems that someone has to die before any significant action is taken and there are no volunteers we all need to keep the pressure on the authorities to get things done.

The Mercedes driver who trashed his car and a bollard and did not give a f**k. Nice huh?


Many thanks to Stephen O’Shea of Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats for organising the petition. (Note: Other political parties are available.)