Moped dumped in Wapping ornamental canal – no authority willing to act

If you have walked through Wapping Woods in the last couple of days you may have noticed a moped has been dumped in the canal. Trouble it seems none of the organisations who run the borough seem to think it is their responsibility to remove it.

Wapping resident Timur wrote to Love Wapping with his frustrating experience of trying to do the right thing and get the moped, presumably stolen, removed. He has allowed us to reproduce his email in full.

Moped dumped in our lovely Wapping Canal


“I live near Shadwell Basin and so often walk through Wapping Woods.

Late on Sunday or early on Monday, someone dumped a moped with no number plate in the ornamental canal on the East side of Wapping Woods.

I thought I’d do the decent thing and call it in to the Streetline team, so I duly wrestled with their awful automated phone system.

I got a call back a few hours later from a council employee who told me that as it was in the canal, there was nothing the council could or would do.

I tried to reason and explained that the water looked about ankle-deep and that the moped was easily reachable from the shore, but to no avail.

I was told the canal was the responsibility of the Canal and River Trust and that it was my job to get in touch with them.

I called said organisation but they explained to me that they don’t look after any water West of Limehouse Cut. They suggested contacting the Port of London Authority (they sounded doubtful but the person who can advise definitely one way or another isn’t back until Wednesday) and the Environment Agency (the ornamental canal doesn’t even feature on their maps).

The only conclusion I could reach was that the council are in fact responsible – I’ve left them another message yesterday but I’ve not heard back.

I’m not really sure where else to take this and because of the environmental issues and the baffling bureaucracy involved I thought others, such as yourselves, might be interested too and I’d be grateful if you could shed some light. The moped is still in its watery grave as of this morning.

The ornamental canal is pretty, but it does look very poorly looked after – the drain on the West end of Wapping Woods has been clogged for months and the water generally looks very shallow, stagnant and full of algae.

I can’t quite believe how difficult it is proving to even find out who owns it and is in charge of looking after it – the London Docklands Development Corporation seemed like a decent bet but of course that’s been defunct since 1998.”

Update 6th July 2017

Apparently the moped has now been removed from the canal by persons unknown. Thanks to whoever pulled it out. Also many thanks to our local Vikings who also offered to remove it. Nice, huh?

LW Comment

Thanks to Timur for allowing us to print his email. When we do find out who is responsible for removing the moped then we will let you all know.

Assuming it does get removed of course. If it doesn’t Wapping residents might well have to do it ourselves – count LW in.


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