IAAF marathon route Sunday 6th August 2017 avoids Wapping!

THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!! Please read this story which is correct.

On Sunday 6th August there is another major sporting event but this time Wapping might not be completely locked-in. Maybe.

You can get details of the IAAF Marathon route here.

It seems that the marathon route starts and finishes at Tower Bridge so all the running stuff happens between our local bridge and Parliament Square.

Which should mean The Highway is not cordoned off. And Wapping is not locked-in for the third time in only a few weeks.

But we are not 100% sure. So don’t blame us if we are locked-in. 

We are. So don’t.

And having the start and finish at Tower Bridge will mean a lot of disruption around that area.

Apologies for the lack of precise information but we only found out about this via a resident (thanks!). After all, we just live here.

You can download a PDF version of the marathon route here.