Speeding cars – Safer Wapping Residents Meeting Monday 5th June

Following on from the recent public meeting with the police Wapping residents have organised our own meeting just for residents on Monday 5th June at Polyanna Training Theatre, Raine House.  Please arrive at 6.30 pm. The full address is:

Pollyanna Training Theatre
Raine House
Raine St

(Just south of 21 Wapping Lane)

Speeding and dangerous driving

Tower Hamlets police will not be present and there will be no formal representation by the Council or any elected representatives.

This meeting is for residents by residents.

Of course if you are a police officer, Council officer our elected representative who lives or works in Wapping then please come along but don’t expect to get to make any speeches.

The focus of the meeting is to discuss the current issues with speeding and dangerous driving in the Wapping area and agree what legal proactive steps we can take as residents to try and improve the situation.

Few residents were satisfied by the Council or police response at the public meeting at St. George’s Town Hall to the threat to life posed by those who drive around Wapping at speed so this is an opportunity to discuss what we as residents can do.

Let’s fix this together

Please don’t attend believing you can simply vent your frustrations and then leave it to others to get stuff done. It seems it is up to us as residents to get this problem fixed and fix it we will.

Also don’t expect anything crazy like the formation of citizen patrols or similar nonsense. That’s what the police do.

A more typical output from the meeting might be residents carrying out a proper survey of where and when the speeding cars cause trouble in Wapping and what changes (like adequate traffic calming) could be put in place.

Just a reminder that Tim Boler, who has organised this meeting, has also established a WhatsApp group for the exchange of information about the speeding cars which has proved very popular.

There will also soon be a dedicated page on LW providing information about how to contact the police or join the Safer Wapping WhatsApp group.

Also please remember you can join the new OWL system at anytime, this is a digital approach to Neighbourhood Watch being promoted by the police.

Remember that’s the Safer Wapping meeting Monday 5th June at Polyanna Training Theatre, Raine House 6.30 pm

See you there!


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