Inside Lutfur Rahman’s “Comeback 2022” Iftar Fundraiser – Photo Special

Generous to a fault here is our second ‘Photo Special’ of the day this time featuring Lutfur Rahman’s recent Iftar fundraiser at the The Atrium on Wednesday.

Word has it that the cost of this event was between £6,000 – £7,000 and quite a few people would love to know where a bankrupt such as the ex-Mayor could lay his hands on so much cash?

For those who, like the Wapping Mole, did not get an invite to this event here are some photos to show you what you missed.  You might notice some old faces appearing once again.

Photo 01


Photo 02


Photo 03


Photo 04


Photo 05


Photo 06


Photo 07


Photo 08


Photo 09


Photo 10


Photo 11

If you have managed to get this far down the page why not reward yourself with some photos of a real public servant? who was the subject of our first Photo Special.

Our thanks to the numerous individuals who provided the Wapping Mole with such an interesting insight into this event including Lightbulb 7A.