London Muslim Alliance Silent Peace Rally in Solidarity with Londoners

Update: Due to huge support for this event it has been postponed until Saturday 17th June, 7.30pm, Altab Ali Park. The police told the organisers that they could not deal with a march of such a size on date originally scheduled. 

The London Muslim Alliance has been set up as a direct response to the London Bridge atrocities on the 3 June 2017 by young Muslim professionals, community and business leaders who “decided to make a stand against those who claim to commit these atrocities in our name.”

The Alliance has called for a silent peace rally on Saturday 10th June at 8pm  on Saturday 17th June, 7.30pm which will go from Altab Ali Park to London Bridge to remember the victims of last Saturday’s attack and show solidarity with all Londoners.

Not in our name. Not in our city

“We will walk to London Bridge for a silent vigil with everyone where we will also break our fast,” said a London Muslim Alliance spokesperson. “London is our home. Let’s make a stand by saying not in our name!”

You are asked to bring your family, friends and neighbours.

“London is our home. Fellow Londoners are our neighbours. Our motto is simple: Not in our name. Not in our city”

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  1. Hi,

    The event has been postponed, below are the details


    *Peace Rally Update*

    Due to the unprecedented level of positive response for the peace rally scheduled for this Saturday 10th June, the police have been unable to accommodate our expected numbers to authorise a route for the rally.

    Therfore, in conjunction with the police, we have now agreed to hold the peace rally on *Saturday 17th June, @7.30pm, Altab Ali Park*.

    We will walk to London Bridge for a silent vigil to show our solidarity with fellow Londoners.

    *Not in our name!*
    *Not in our city!*

    Remember to bring your family, friends and neighbours.

    *Note*: We will be breaking our fast with thousands of other Londoners at London Bridge. We are requesting everyone to make your own arrangements for iftar.

    *London Muslim Alliance*

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