London Bridge Terrorist Attacks: Live Updates & Information

OK, news is still breaking as to what is happening in London at the moment but will try and keep this page updated during the night until the situation is clearer.  Will keep this running for a few more hours then get back to business as usual. If you find this page useful please share on Twitter and Facebook. Hit refresh on your browser for latest updates. 

Remember report anything suspicious to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or online. In an emergency, call 999.

Sunday 04 June 2017

14:30 London Bridge attacks live updates from LW now ends

Let’s all do the thing the terrorists hate the most – carry on as normal.  We hope you have found this page of use during the last few hours.


14:27 Message from Metropolitan Police

  • Following the incident at London Bridge and Borough Market last night (Saturday 3 June 17), the Metropolitan Police has enhanced the level of officers on our streets to protect all our communities across the capital.
  • Over the next few days people will see an increased number of officers on duty – both armed and unarmed – who will provide a highly visible, reassurance presence across London.
  • This will continue for as long as is necessary.
  • Investigations continue by our Counter Terrorism Unit into last night’s horrific events.
  • To report anything suspicious to call 0800 789 321
  • Initial messages are to stay away from the area, remain calm and vigilant, wait for messages from the police and support #WeStandTogether


13:24 12 people arrested in Barking raids

“Officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command have this morning, Sunday 4 June, arrested 12 people in Barking, east London, in connection with last night’s incidents in London Bridge and the Borough Market area. Searches of a number of addresses in Barking are continuing.”

Full statement from Metropolitan Police here.


12:20 Extent of London Bridge cordon courtesy @se1


12:08 Home Office victim support page

The Home Office has setup a webpage with resources and advice to help people affected by the attack.

This has advice on where to seek urgent assistance and information, including the official helplines and also provides guidance on support services available for victims, witnesses, family members, and all those affected by the attacks.


12:02 “Enough is enough” – May

Guardian report on PM Theresa May’s speech on last night’s attacks and indication of new measures to tackle extremism.

She says “time to say enough is enough” and calls for country to to tackle the ideology of Islamist extremism in Britain head-on.

Also said “there is far too much tolerance of extremism in our country” and said we must “deny any safe spaces for the extremists” and assert “the superiority” of British values.

11:58 Barking raids

LW sources inform us that there have been police raids in Barking this morning related to last night’s attacks.

08:12 London Ambulance update


07:26 Further statement from Met Police

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said:

“Since late yesterday evening [Saturday, 3 June], the Metropolitan Police Service has been responding to incidents in the London Bridge and Borough Market areas of south London. We are treating this as a terrorist incident and a full investigation is already underway, led by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

“You will understand that our knowledge of the incident is still growing but what we understand at the present time is:

  • At 22:08hrs yesterday evening we began to receive reports that a vehicle had struck pedestrians on London Bridge.
  • The vehicle continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market.
  • The suspects then left the vehicle and a number of people were stabbed, including an on-duty British Transport Police officer who was responding to the incident at London Bridge. He received serious but not life-threatening injuries. His family has been informed.
  • Armed officers responded very quickly and bravely, confronting three male suspects who were shot and killed in Borough Market. The suspects had been confronted and shot by the police within eight minutes of the first call. The suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests but these were later established to be hoaxes.

“The ongoing operation is led by the Met, working closely with British Transport Police, City of London Police, the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade.

“At this stage, we believe that six people have died in addition to the three attackers shot dead by police. And at least 20 casualties have been taken to six hospitals across London.

“I’d like to repeat our request for the public to avoid the following areas: London Bridge and Borough Market. This is to allow emergency services to deal with this incident.

“The investigation is being led by the Counter Terrorism Command and we would ask anybody who has images or film of the incident to pass those to police by uploading it at

“Our thoughts are with all those involved and those responding to both incidents. Those who are concerned about a loved one can contact the Casualty Bureau on 0800 0961 233.

“We are reviewing and planning to strengthen our policing stance across London over the forthcoming days, and there will be additional police and officers deployed across the Capital.

“I would like to ask the public to remain vigilant and let us know if they see anything suspicious that causes them concern and dial 999 immediately.”

02:20 That’s it for tonight.

Precise details of tonight’s attacks at London Bridge and nearby Borough Market are unlikely to emerge until later this morning so will restart updates in a few hours.

02:13 Statement from Met Police

Below is the official statement on tonight’s attacks just published by the Metropolitan Police.

Please follow us at @MetPoliceUk for information on this incident as we have it .

From 2208hrs 3 June officers responded to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians on London Bridge.

Officers have then responded to reports of stabbings in Borough Market. Armed officers responded and shots have been fired.

Officers subsequently responded to an incident in the Vauxhall area.

At 0025hrs 4 June the incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market were declared as terrorist incidents.

The incident at Vauxhall is a stabbing and is not believed connected to the other two incidents.

We will release facts when we can – our info must be accurate.

We urge the public to remain calm, but be alert and vigilant.

To anyone near an incident our advice is RUN – HIDE – TELL.


02:04 Attack news report – The Sun

Having spent the last few hours continuously checking numerous news sources LW considers that the most comprehensive report is from The Sun newspaper. The Sun’s offices are in London Bridge itself so they are literally in the middle of events. The Sun’s story reports that up to seven people have died, 20 injured and that at least two of the attackers were shot dead by police officers. It also has a photograph of a man on the ground, presumed shot dead by police, who seems to be wearing a suicide vest.

Precise details of The Sun’s story are as yet not confirmed by official sources.

01:56 More than one fatality

BBC News reports there is more than one fatality as a result of tonight’s attacks.


01:54 Statement from Mayor of London


01:51 Explosion heard

Eyewitness reports of an explosion in London Bridge area, might be security services carrying out controlled explosion on suspect device or vehicle.

01:41 Continue to avoid London Bridge area

01:15 London Ambulance statement


01:12 Don’t share footage to SM, upload to police


01:07 Walking wounded to Liverpool St

BBC News reports that walking wounded from the attack(s) are being transported to Liverpool Street station by bus for treatment in a hotel.


01:04 Some social media common sense please?


00:56 ‘Declared terrorist incidents’

But Vauxhall incident not terrorist related… hooray!


00:53 “Potential act of terrorism”

BBC News reports that Prime Minister Theresa May says incidents being treated as a “potential act of terrorism” #NSS


00:49 Stay away from London Bridge area


00:43 Advice from London Ambulance


00:37 Vauxhall Station reopened


00:22 Sun 04 June 2017

Update from our friends and neighbours @MPSonthewater – good luck and the thoughts of everyone in Wapping is with you all. 

Marine 2 and Marine 3 are part of the response to the London Bridge incident. Working with @RNLI lifeboats to evacuate the public.

00:14 Sun 04 June 2017

Below is official ‘Run Hide Tell’ advice from police as previously published on LW

00:04 Sun 04 June 2017

Here is the latest Metropolitan Police official update via twitter:

Please remain calm, but be alert & vigilant. We are using all necessary skills & resources at London Bridge Borough Market Vauxhall

Keep following this Twitter feed (@metpoliceuk). We will release facts when we can – our info must be accurate

23: 57 Sat 03 June 2017

Thameslink (@TLRailUK) Information: Due to the emergency services dealing with an incident at London Blackfriars all lines are blocked.

LW Note: This does not necessarily mean there is another terrorist incident at Blackfriars.


23:48 Sat 03 June 2017

Here is the Metropolitan Police official update via twitter:
“Info available at this stage: from 2208hrs officers responded to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians on London Bridge.
Officers have then responded to reports of stabbings in Borough Market. Armed officers responded and shots have been fired.
Officers are now responding to an incident in the Vauxhall area.”

LW will try and restrict our information to official sources but it’s all a bit weird at the moment. 
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