Better Streets for Tower Hamlets, safer streets for Wapping

The problem of speeding cars is not confined to Wapping, it is a problem across Tower Hamlets. One approach to this is the Better Streets for Tower Hamlets campaign started by Stepney resident Alex Jenkins. Alex used to live in Green Bank so knows Wapping well.

After hearing about tonight’s Safer Wapping Resident’s Meeting, organised by Tim Boler, Alex got in touch and will be coming along to tell us what Better Streets for Tower Hamlets is and how Wapping could become part of it.

Alex says that the aims of the campaign are to make residential backstreets local-access only to remove the racers and the rat-runners, as well as other interventions to reduce the negative impacts of motor traffic in the borough and improve the experience of local residents and other people walking and cycling (e.g. continuous footways across side roads).

Of course one problem Wapping has is that a lot of the boy racers are local residents… Whatever!

Let’s hear what Alex has been up to and see what we can do.

It seems that the main way to fund improvements to Wapping’s road systems is through Transport for London’s ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ programme which is part of the TfL Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding that provides financial support to boroughs for schemes to improve their transport networks.

That has to be us, right?

Meeting tonight

Please come along to the Safer Wapping Resident’s Meeting which is being held at 6.30 this evening. Address below:

Pollyanna Training Theatre
Raine House
Raine St

(Just south of 21 Wapping Lane)

For More Information



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