The Wapping Resident’s Guide to Traffic Calming

One of the measures needed to stop the thugs in cars is to change Wapping’s roads so it is not possible to drive at excess speed.

The technical term for this is ‘traffic calming’. We tend to talk about ‘speed bumps’ but, as any traffic calming geek will tell you, there is a lot more to traffic calming than just speed bumps.

Traffic calming Wapping style – useless bits of rubber in Green Bank.

One approach to traffic calming is narrowing which is, you guessed it, simply making parts of the road narrower and so reduce vehicle speed that way. Traffic lanes can be narrowed (although probably not in Wapping), curbs extended and pedestrian refuges built in the middle of the road (again not in Wapping).

The approach that would seem most appropriate for Wapping is vertical deflection, making a bit of the road higher so it makes it really uncomfortable to drive a high speed.

Any driver can simply steer through the bits of rubber with little or no decrease in speed.

Bumps, humps, cushions and tables

Vertical deflection measure can include any of the following:

  • Speed bumps, sometimes split or offset in the middle to avoid delaying emergency vehicles
  • Speed humps, parabolic devices that are less aggressive than speed bumps.
  • Speed cushions, two or three small speed humps sitting in a line across the road that slow cars down but allows wider emergency vehicles to straddle them so as not to slow emergency response time.
  • Speed tables, long flat-topped speed humps that slow cars more gradually than humps
A speed bump. Try and drive faster than 25 MPH over one of these and goodbye axles. Nice.


Traffic cushions – similar to the bits of rubber in Wapping

At the moment we have the joke bits of rubber on our roads which are certainly not speed bumps, might be speed humps and could also be cushions.

The only deterrent to thugs speeding in cars in Wapping is this. Tower Hamlets Council recently fixed this one but the state of repair is typical.

Whatever they are they do not work. Anyone driving at speed just positions their vehicles so that they can zoom over the rubber things at whatever speed they want.

Outside John Orwell Sports Centre there is a speed table combined with a chicane, both of which are designed to slow vehicles down.

Speed table and chicane outside John Orwell – also useless.

As with the rubber things this does not work. LW has watched as thugs in cars accelerate towards the chicane to ensure they get their vehicle airborne.

Vehicle driving onto speed table outside John Orwell.


Damaged bricks in speed table outside John Orwell are loose.

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