Tower Hamlets Together – Lutfur Rahman’s comeback party that refuses to die

On January 24th this year LW broke the news that ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets and ex-leader of Tower Hamlets First Lutfur Rahman was attempting a political comeback under the guise of the ‘Tower Hamlets Together’ party which had been submitted to the Electoral Commission for registration.

Tower Hamlets Together branded campaign literature being distributed in April 2017.

As a direct result of our exclusive Chris Skidmore MP, Minister for the Constitution wrote to Sir John Holmes, Chair of the Electoral Commission on the 3rd of February asking that the application to be submitted to ‘forensic review’ and in due course the Tower Hamlets Together application was rejected on February 23rd.

Job done? No.

Seems Tower Hamlets Together is out there campaigning for Cllr. Ohid Ahmed to be the next Mayor of the borough in 2018 as the four ladies pictured above proudly demonstrated on 25th April, two months after Tower Hamlets Together was consigned to the dustbin of history.

For further proof have a look at this photograph that clearly shows the the Tower Hamlets Together campaign literature that is being distributed across the borough despite the Electoral Commission ban.

The only small concession to the Electoral Commission is that the red house logo has the words ‘Tower Hamlets’ in very small print underneath. Another variation does have ‘Together’ underneath that.

This would seem to be the third version of Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party logo. They really are short of ideas aren’t they?

And just to remind you who all this campaigning is for, it’s Cllr. Ohid Ahmed.

LW Comment

The continued use of the ‘Tower Hamlets Together’ name and logo makes a mockery of the electoral rules and regulations.

Of more concern is the continued blatant disregard for the rule of law and the principles of the democratic process. Without effective sanctions this contempt for the foundations of our society will continue as it has since the judgement of the Election Court.

If challenged the defence of those campaigning for ‘Tower Hamlets Together’ will pretend that they are an ‘independent group’ of candidates with similar values or a ‘People’s Alliance’ with similar values or ‘independent’ local councillors who are, you guessed it, independent.

They are not and never have been independent from one another. The very term has been so routinely abused that it has lost all meaning.

If a genuine bona-fide independent politician, free of any party alliances, should wish to stand for election in Tower Hamlets they would find it impossible to do so.

Independent means Tower Hamlets First / Together which in turn means Lutfur Rahman. There is no difference.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman
Ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Both Department for Communities and Local Government and Electoral Commission seem to be powerless to stop a group of people, previously judged to have been elected corruptly, to organise and campaign under a banner almost identical to that which they previously used as to carry out the looting of our borough’s scant resources.

Today the candidates for the 2017 General Election will be formally announced and the current campaigning for the 2018 Local and Mayoral Election in the borough may lessen but will certainly not stop. Local government is the real prize.

In the constituencies of Bethnal Green & Bow and Poplar & Limehouse  there will be one prospective parliamentary candidate who is a core Tower Hamlets First / Together member and one who is actively backed by Tower Hamlets First / Together.

On paper it would seem that neither of these candidates has a remote chance of becoming a Member of Parliament.

But in Tower Hamlets what should happen and what does happen are two very different things.

2 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets Together – Lutfur Rahman’s comeback party that refuses to die

  1. Lutfur Rahmans Gang and the Previous Gang with Rabina Khan init and Now also an Independent Party called PATH, another so-called Independent Candidate Ajamal Massroor for Bethnal Green and Oliur Rahman for Poplar, ALL Have something in Common (as You Rightly said they are Not Independent, however missed out the other two) They All have 4 things in common,

    1) all love to call themselves Independent,
    2) None of them are any candidates of the 2 major parties in the UK like the “Labour or the Conservatives”,
    3) All are in support of Left Leaning Politics abroad,
    4) They Practice Hardcore Fascist Racist Right Wing Jamaat Jihadi ISIS Salafi Wahhabi Politics in the UK under the Banner of “Indpendents” Left Leaning Politics in the UK.
    5) They are all working for the same Salafi Wahhabi Jamaat E Islamic Political Goals under the Guise of Left Wing Politics, if any of them “Independent Candidates” joined any of the Main Political Parties, They would Not have a chance in Heaven or Hell to get any political vote Banks, therefore they chose work as Independent candidates, in order to brainwash and manipulate the community into their Jamaat E Islami Political Ideologies, majority of these candidates are seeking for Fame, as a result they are brainwashing and manipulating the community at the grass level through their political propaganda through their social Media i.e Facebook. Twitter etc.

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