Tower Hamlets Elections 2017 Police Situation Report 23rd May

As a direct result of the historical electoral corruption in Tower Hamlets the Metropolitan Police is working with the Electoral Commission and Council to ensure that the General Election 2017 which takes place on 8th June is robustly policed.

Part of this work are regular situation reports to provide information on the Met’s policing plan and issues relating to the policing of the General Election.

The aim of this is for the police to be as open and transparent in their communication with residents as possible.

So this report is sent to to key stakeholders in the Borough every Monday leading up to the Election and then at several times throughout Election Day itself.

Tower Hamlets police Independent Advisory Group

Cat having a wash at Polling Station
Cat having a wash at Polling Station

LW receives a copy of this report as we were recently asked to become a member of the Tower Hamlets Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG), which is a way for communities to work with the police us to help them improve the service they provide.

An IAG provides advice on policing issues to the police that may cause concern to local people and communities. IAG members are volunteers drawn from the different communities and from various backgrounds.

Ensuring the integrity of the democratic process

Tower Hamlets police tell us that during the run up to the General Election on 8th June 2017 they are working closely with the Electoral Commission, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) and all the local authorities to ensure they play their part to protect the integrity of the electoral process in London.

It is vital to ensure the integrity of the democratic process, so in the run up to the election, and on the day itself, there will be a policing plan in place in Tower Hamlets. This will include additional officers on duty based at polling stations.

How to contact the police about election fraud or other crimes

Anyone with any information about potential election fraud or malpractice is asked to pass that to police so it can be investigated. Email us them at, call 101, or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 who will pass the information on to Tower Hamlets Police.

Below is the Tower Hamlets Elections 2017 Police Situation Report for 2017 as of 0930 hrs today Tuesday 23rd May from Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Williams, Borough Commander, Tower Hamlets.

The Special Enquiry Team have now received a total of seven notifications/allegations in relation to the General Election 2017 that relates specifically to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 13 in total Met Wide.

General Election 2017 Police Summary of Relevant Arrests and Reported Crime.xlsx

NumberReport formatAllegationReported BySpecial Enquiry Team Update
1Crime reportCrimestoppers allegation of fraudulent voter registration at an address AnonymousSET in contact with LBTH. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
2Crime report Allegation of Undue Influence (Not involving Section 115 RPA )Member of PublicComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
3Crime report Breach of Purdah rulesCouncilorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
4Crime report Breach of Purdah rules. Use of school for campaigningCouncilorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
5Crime report Complaint about use of unregistered political party details on an election leafletMember of PublicComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
6Crime report Breach of Purdah rules at LBTH eventCouncilorAssessment being conducted. Ongoing.
7Crime report Breach of Purdah rules at LBTH eventCouncilorAwaiting details of complaint from LBTH

What is ‘purdah’?

Purdah is a set of pre-election restrictions for forbids public bodies such as councils from publishing any material which, in whole or in part, appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party in the period from when an election is formally announced to when the polls are closed.

It is designed to stop the abuse of power and or misconduct in public office. As if that ever happens in Tower Hamlets…

What is ‘Section 115 RPA’?

The Representation of the People Act (1983) is the main legislation that covers electoral law. You can download and read the whole thrilling 207 pages of it here if you should so wish.  Section 115 of the RPA refers to general corruption.

On General Election day 8th June, Tower Hamlets police will have a dedicated team of officers in direct conversation with LBTH Electoral Services and will co-ordinate the policing response to any issues. There will be also be a comprehensive social media plan in place in addition to other precautions.

LW Comment

Love Wapping considers it a privilege to be a member of the Tower Hamlets Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG) as it provides us with a direct method of passing on the concerns of you, the borough residents, directly to the borough police without any interference from politicians or anyone else.

LW makes a strict distinction between our roles as a citizen (first) and a community journalist (second) so don’t expect to read anything in LW that we have been told in confidence at any IAG meeting.

Although they do have quite nice biscuits. (But keep that quiet, OK?)

What we can say is that LW has no hesitation in giving our informed opinion on policing in the borough at IAG events, be that anti-social behaviour or specific information on the activities of those who continue to try and corrupt the democratic process in Tower Hamlets and beyond.

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