Rabina Khan’s Great Photoshop Disaster Heralds Politics As Usual

‘Tis election time in Tower Hamlets! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, the streets are alive with the chatter of informed political discourse and Tower Hamlets First are busy cranking out dodgy election leaflets.

It’s almost as if nothing has changed.

Rabina Khan For Mayor 2018 leaflet

Probably because nothing has changed.

The DCLG did its thing, the DCLG Commissioners did their thing, the Election Court did it’s thing, Sir Eric did his thing several times, the Met Police did not do their thing (although they are now) and now Tower Hamlets First are doing their thing.

Ignoring the rules.

By Tower Hamlets First we of course mean the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH).

PATH has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Tower Hamlets First (THF) as only 80% of PATH’s five councillors were previously members of Lutfur Rahman’s THF and judged to have been corruptly elected in 2014 like their (ex) boss – and a whole 20% (one councillor) – was elected in a subsequent by-election fair and square- after the previous corruptly-elected councillor THF councillor Shahed Ali was put in prison for fraud. Oops!

And by ‘election’ we mean the main event of the local elections and Mayoral election in 2018, not the sideshow General Election of 2017.

Which is why the leaflet above recently being distributed by Rabina Khan’s team is all about ‘Rabina Khan For Mayor 2018’.

The power in Tower Hamlets resides at a local government level, council seats are the prize which come complete with keys to the borough’s resources. Handy huh?

Photograph at bottom of Rabina Khan For Mayor 2018 leaflet

As PATH makes much of it being a People’s Alliance it is understandable PATH would want to make the most of support by people. Real people.

Unfortunately for PATH an eagle-eyed LW reader realised that the photograph at the bottom of the election leaflet taken in front of the Cable Street mural is not quite what it seems.

Like postal voting – but different

Because quite a few of the people shown seem to have been added to the picture after the photo had been taken. Sort of like how postal voting works – if you can’t be there send your image in to be added in and counted just like ordinary votes.

By ‘quite a few’ we actually mean around 50% of the people in the image seem to have been added after the fact. Almost a majority you could say.

Bleedin’ obvious

Here are some of the bleedin obvious examples with some nice yellow boxes around them to make them even more bleedin obvious.

Detail of left hand side of image.

And another.

These people ‘appear’ to the right of Rabina Khan in the original photo.

Sad really, innit? That PATH should be so short of supporters that they need to add them to photos. Good job none of PATH have ever been suspected of adding voters to…. oh.

Here are some of the other original photographs taken at the PATH event on 15th April.

These are all real people. We think. Maybe.


These nice people are real too.


Also real PATH people. Just not as many as them as some would like to think.

Boredom strikes

LW could not find the original photo that was ‘enhanced’ so we had to make do with these for reference. Our eagle-eyed reader spotted quite a few additions to the photo used in the leaflet and LW spent a couple of hours checking each one one against the originals.

Until we got bored.

We have of course lots of other work to do. It’s election (2018) time – and it’s only 2017!

LW Comment

For those of you completely and utterly baffled by PATH, THF, THT and the difference between an Independent candidate, an independent candidate and an ‘independent’ candidate we will soon be publishing a hand guide for you.

Unless we get so confused we can’t explain it.



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  2. Dear love wrapping u have circled me as an imposter on Rabina’s leaflet the tall ginger one let me assure you I was there and I fully support Rabina Khan . I find it strange you can talk crap about stuff but never talk about labours failings like the fact that they failed my son who has autism . Let me call you out now as you have me I suggest you rename your blog LOVE LABOUR moron. Emma

    1. Emma Price how comes you we haven’t put up a Picture of Yourself on Your Profile so that Viewers of the Readers can distinguish if if You are the Real Ginger nut on the photo and compare it to Your Photo (if You had one) on Your Profile ?

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