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  1. I do not have to explain to u about my profile picture and as for being a ginger nut how racist of you please carry on showing yr true colours im red and proud not labour red though

  2. Dear love wrapping u have circled me as an imposter on Rabina’s leaflet the tall ginger one let me assure you I was there and I fully support Rabina Khan . I find it strange you can talk crap about stuff but never talk about labours failings like the fact that they failed my son who has autism . Let me call you out now as you have me I suggest you rename your blog LOVE LABOUR moron. Emma

    1. Emma Price how comes you we haven’t put up a Picture of Yourself on Your Profile so that Viewers of the Readers can distinguish if if You are the Real Ginger nut on the photo and compare it to Your Photo (if You had one) on Your Profile ?

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