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Lutfur Rahman asks for trial by jury, receives unanimous backing from Tower Hamlets residents

By on May 19, 2017 in Lutfur Rahman

During a two-day hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice this week ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman attempted once again to have the judgement that he was guilty of corrupt electoral practise overturned.

Rahman’s legal representatives were asking the High Court for permission to seek a ‘judicial review’ of the original verdict.

A judicial review is essentially a legal challenge that there was an error in law during the Election Court process.

The application for the judicial review was heard by Lord Justice Lloyd Jones and Mr Justice Superstone.

The basis for the review is that Rahman has never been subject to a criminal prosecution, the Election Court verdict being a civil judgement.

It was argued that as Rahman has not faced criminal charges it would be wrong to allow Justice Mawrey’s decision to stand and that either the original decision should be overturned or a criminal prosecution should be launched that would allow Rahman to face trial by jury.

Human rights infringed

According to report in The Guardian Rahman is arguing that the election court’s finding does not comply with article 6 of the European convention on human rights as it ‘infringes on the presumption of innocence that people enjoy until they have been found guilty in a criminal court.’

The Metropolitan Police recently announced that there is now a new criminal investigation into numerous aspects into the Rahman affair, Operation Lynemouth, which is not restricted to electoral matter. The City of London Police are also reviewing the Met’s original investigation.

A decision is expected within a fortnight.

LW Comment

It is rare for Tower Hamlets to share the same goals and desires.

That the ex-Mayor should ask to be the subject of a criminal prosecution and to be tried before a juror is one campaign slogan he never tried.

Lutfur Rahman is quite right to state that he is innocent of any criminal offence and for his character and integrity to be thrown into doubt simply because he and all his agents were found guilty of corruption at the end of the longest trial in the history of the Election Court is obviously of some concern to him.

Or maybe not.

Meanwhile prospective parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow Cllr. Oliur Rahman may slowly be realising that having ex-Mayor Rahman as his most prominent supporter may not be the master tactical move that his friends told him it would be.



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