Carry on drinking tea as usual chaps, terrorist threat reduced to severe.

The UK terrorist threat level has been reduced from imminent to severe. Presumably this is a direct result of the incredible amount of work done by the police and security forces in Manchester and elsewhere this week.

Although this is good news we all still need to be on our toes.

Anti-terrorism hotline 0800 789321

If you see something you are worried about or know somebody you are worried about, do not hesitate; please act and please call the police on the anti-terrorism hotline 0800 789321

Below is the full statement fromMetropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley Metropolitan Police

“The high pace and rapid progress of this investigation is continuing. There were three more arrests overnight. We now have 11 men in custody. There are 17 searches either concluded or continuing on various addresses, largely in the north west of the country.

We are getting a greater understanding of the preparation of the bomb. There is still much more to do. There will be more arrests. There will be more searches but the greater clarity and progress has led JTAC [Joint Terrorism Attack Centre], the independent body which assesses threat, to the judgement that an attack is no longer imminent.

You would have heard consequently the Prime Minister’s announcement that the threat level has moved from critical to severe which of course still means that an attack is highly likely. I think therefore this weekend members of the public will be wondering what that means in terms of the events they will be going to on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend.

For practical reasons and precautionary reasons, we made the decision that the resources that we had planned for this weekends events will continue. They will still see that high level of policing presence – some armed, some unarmed.

Once we get past the weekend we are going to look forward to stepping down the extra resources we have put in place over the last week. The military support we have had over the last few days under Operation Temperer, (we) will start to phase that out as well.

The last thing I would like to say to members of the public is there is still a severe threat level. If you see something you are worried about or know somebody you are worried about, please do not hesitate; please act and please call us on the anti-terrorism hotline 0800 789321.”

LW Comment

Much of the intelligence that leads to the arrest and conviction of terrorists comes from the community – that means you. We are the eyes and ears of the security forces and as such we all need to be vigilant and report anything unusual we see.

Other than that enjoy the variable Bank Holiday weather and carry on as usual. If we do that then the terrorists are beaten.

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