Wapping Mole needs to move burrow – to Wapping E1W of course!

The Wapping Mole needs to move to a new burrow in, you guessed it, Wapping!

Moley has been looking for some time but so far has had little success but has learned a lot of about the dodgy dealings in the private tenancy market in Tower Hamlets.

Moley’s needs are fairly simple, mainly he needs somewhere to work and on occasion sleep.  And make tea, eat toast and cook nice things.

Obviously any new burrow would have to be nice and clean and secure.

Picturesque – but nowhere near any local government corruption.

In an ideal world the Wapping Mole would love a self-contained bedsit but for his extremely limited budget (£1,100 a month maximum) he would be lucky to get anywhere in Tower Hamlets. Or London for that matter.

But Moley is nothing if he is not in Wapping so he remains optimistic.

Love A Small Village Just Outside Haywards Heath

Kind friends of Moley have offered him a room elsewhere but ‘Love A Small Village Just Outside Haywards Heath’ is not the snappiest title for a hyperlocal blog and might make keeping tabs on our wonderful borough a little tricky.

After long and involved negotiations with the editor of LW involving extended tea-making duties Moley has been allowed to place this free advert to see if there is any kind soul – or squirrel –  in Wapping E1W that has a Mole-shaped space which he could inhabit?

Infinite chance of an infinity pool

Moley is open to inventive suggestions such as being able to sleep underneath a very large desk somewhere, acting as a property guardian for a luxurious penthouse suite with an infinity pool and rooftop vistas of the River Thames or a luxury narrow boat on Wapping Canal.

Failing that just somewhere decent to live would be fine.

If you do know of somewhere please get in touch with LW unless you are an unscrupulous landlord or have an incredibly interesting criminal past in which case please don’t as the Wapping Mole is very busy indeed.





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