There’s too much coughing in Willoughby House Wapping

Residents in and around Willoughby House, Dundee Street, Wapping have complained of the significant amounts of dust that is invading their homes and covering their cars generated by construction work at the development of Red Lion Court in Reardon Path.

Concrete dust covering car outside Willoughby House

Numerous people living nearby have complained of chest infections, nose bleeds and feeling generally unwell in recent weeks.

Proximity of building work to homes (centre) in Willoughby House

The dust in the air can be tasted not just in Dundee Street but across the Green Bank estate and Wapping Gardens.

Rubble and dust from concrete block being demolished next to Willoughby House

The Council have attended the site but on checking this morning LW saw that there still seems to be little to no attempt at damping down the dust with water or erect any sort of barriers to reduce the dust entering people’s flats.

LW checked with Wapping Health Centre last week to see if they had noticed a recent increase in respiratory illnesses recently but had not received a response at the time of publication.

While it is not possible to conclusively prove a link between the construction work and residents respiratory problems a visit to Willoughby House makes it crystal clear what the problem is.