Shadwell Basin Lido planning application – latest

Residents have until Wednesday 12 April 2017 to comment on the latest revisions to the Turks Head Company planning application for a lido at Shadwell Basin.  The application number is PA/16/01978 which you can see if you visit the Tower Hamlets Council Planning Portal here

The statutory consultation period for this application has ended but you can still submit comments by e-mail to and should check first by contacting the planning customer service team on 0207 364 5009.

LW only found out about the revisions thanks to a dedicated reader who sent us the letter she had received which we reproduce below.

Thanks dedicated reader!

Then LW set about finding what the revisions were. Tricky. No, pretty much impossible. Ideally there would be a document entitled ‘Revisions’ on the Planning Portal but there isn’t (or we could not find it). If anyone does let us know.

It might be – and this is just a guess – that now there is going to be a ‘canoe polo court in Shadwell Basin’ but that’s just what is on the letter.

What has Cavell Street to do with Shadwell Basin?

Another odd thing we noticed about PA/16/01978 is that in the 55 documents there is one which is a response from Greenwich Council about PA/16/00784 which is demolition of building at 100 – 136 Cavell Street which is near the London Hospital.

Huh? What’s the connection between Cavell Street and Shadwell Basin? Anyone know? We will try and find out but as ever are very limited by time.