Value of public meeting questioned as PCs are turned into road sweepers

This was supposed to be a good news story praising the heightened police patrols in Wapping this week. Instead it is about the incredible situation where it seems that highly trained police officers have been deployed to collect litter in Wapping.

Here is the story in Tweets starting with the surreal tweet from Tower Hamlets Council and then some reactions from residents.

What on earth is going on?

LW only spotted the tweet from the Tower Hamlets Council Twitter account @towerhamletsnow when we started to gather all the positive tweets about all the positive work our police officers do for us.

As we did so we accidentally found the tweet saying “Thank you to @MPSTowerHam for helping us keep Tower Hamlets tidy by collecting litter in Wapping last week #TowerHamlets” accompanied by the picture below.

Police officers picking litter in Wapping on Friday. Is this someone’s idea of a joke?

Let us be absolutely clear. This is no criticism of the police officers pictured. We have a feeling they would be the first to question their deployment to pick litter less than 24 hours after a public meeting between MPS Tower Hamlets and residents to discuss policing.

Indeed if any police officers would like to tell us – in complete confidence – how and why this happened it would be great to hear from you. 

Who is responsible?

What residents want to know is who was responsible for this?

A police officer?

A council officer?

A politician?

Who? And why?

Once LW finds out we will make their identity known, hopefully at the same time that they choose a new career path.

LW Comment

Deploying highly skilled police officers to collect litter at any time is both incompetent and demonstrates a complete and utter lack of what police officers do. Hint: It’s in their job title.

It beggars belief that this happened after the meeting of the previous day.

For once words fail us.

The best case is that the Council tweet is an elaborate hoax.

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    1. PCs or PCSOs they are still police officers. PCSOs make up a lot of the local policing strength.

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