Prostitution problem in Green Bank evaporates into thin air

The prostitution problem in Wapping E1W that has concerned many residents may have been solved. Since Saturday night none of the usual vehicles and occupants have been seen in Green Bank. The photograph below taken last night shows a complete lack of anything apart from residents cars.

Green Bank at night - nothing to see here.
Green Bank at night – nothing to see here.

The reason the prostitution problem has been fixed is undoubtedly down to the increased presence of MPS Tower Hamlets patrols and especially the Vice Team.

Many thanks to MPS Tower Hamlets officers for their efforts. Problems like this do not simply evaporate into thin air, they are solved by a lot of people doing a lot of work.

Will prostitution return?

The question now is will the prostitutes and the criminal gang who organise their activities return?

Since LW made this issue known several residents have contacted us mentioning other odd activities at night in Wapping. The Wapping Mole is of course going to investigate and will report back.

For the moment Green Bank is peaceful.


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  1. Well done to every one involved in making people aware of this problem and bringing it to people’s attention . We all love wapping and want it to remain a great place to live in . Thanks again

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