Everyone hacked off with TfL changes to 100 bus route (including Mayor)

The controversial decision by Transport for London (TfL) to change the 100 bus route which serves Wapping could have a damaging impact on the ability of the elderly and less physically able to get around says Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs.

Before the change the Mayor wrote to TfL Managing Director of Surface Transport Leon Daniels after TfL proposed changes to, and a shortening of, the 100 bus route warning of far fewer opportunities for Wapping residents to change to other buses.

LW covered this issue back in February: TfL changes to 100 bus route discriminate against disabled & carers.

Mayor John Biggs

Elderly and less able hardest hit

“Many residents rely on buses to get around, particularly as the area doesn’t have its own tube station. By cutting back the 100 bus route people will have much further to walk and fewer interchange options, this will particularly hit the elderly and less physically able, ” said Mayor Biggs in a statement.

“I am disappointed that TfL failed to see sense and fully address our concerns.”

Mayor Biggs said that the consultation response to the change showed widespread opposition to the change but TfL chose to combine the feedback with consultation on a different route, the 388, making the opposition appear less stark.

The Council had made representations against the changes but TfL decided to press ahead regardless.

Read our story TfL 100 bus route consultation results combined to fix final result for full details.


TfL did not listen to concerns

“The 100 bus is a really important transport route for residents in Wapping, particularly for the elderly and disabled. We worked to try and get TfL to change its mind about the plans, but sadly they haven’t listened. We also expressed our concern at the way TfL consulted residents and partners on the plans, ” said Cllr. Denise Jones.



Like many others Wapping resident Di Roome is also annoyed by the TfL decision. “The number 100 bus is a really important link for people in Wapping. We don’t have many bus routes in Wapping as it is, by shortening the route TfL have made it much harder for Wapping residents like me to get around.

“Not only is the new 100 route shorter it’s now even more difficult to change onto other tube lines or buses as a result.”

LW Comment

LW did not bother contacting TfL for their response to the Mayor’s views as it seems TfL only listens to what it wants to hear.