Green Bank prostitution – good news and bad news

A week after the news that Green Bank Wapping was home to a thriving prostitution industry here are some details of what has and has not changed.

For various reasons LW knows Green Bank as well as our own backyard and, with the help of various nearby residents, has been keeping an eye on the comings and goings in the evening.

There are at least 17 different vehicles that park in Wapping and wait for the phone calls to deliver their passengers to nearby locations in Tower Hamlets.

The cars are mainly parked in Green Bank from just past the Turks Head Cafe along the park side of the road past the church to the junction with Dundee Street.

Vehicles have also been seen parked in Tench Street, Wapping High Street and possibly London Wall near the Prospect of Whitby.

Both of our local councillors Denise Jones (Labour) and Julia Dockerill (Conservative) have been actively engaged with the issue and LW has kept them up to date with events.

Last night the MPS Tower Hamlets vice team were out on high visibility patrol in Wapping especially Green Bank. LW had a brief chat with them.

Good news

Due to this patrolling last night there were none of the vehicles involved in prostitution parked in Green Bank although some of them were spotted driving through.

Bad news

Until the vice patrol finished their shift and the vehicles promptly returned.

Every cloud has a silver lining

The good news is that in the last week there has been a total absence of any of those nasty nitrous oxide aluminium canisters in Green Bank or Tench Street. And no-one sat in their cars taking drugs.

Which is one approach to solving Anti-Social Behaviour in Tower Hamlets


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