Corruptly elected THF councillor considers standing as Westminster MP

Tension is rising across Tower Hamlets this afternoon as residents wait to see if Oliur Rahman, corruptly elected councillor and former Stratford Job Centre Employment Coach, will decide to stand as prospective MP in the forthcoming General Election.

Man of the people? Cllr. Oliur Rahman posing in front of Tower Hamlets First logo
Man of the people Cllr. Oliur Rahman posing in front of Tower Hamlets First logo

Corruptly elected Cllr. Oliur Rahman (no relation to the corruptly elected ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman) is currently the councillor for Stepney Green (Independent Group) and is Leader of the Independent Group or Tower Hamlets First as it is usually known.

As you can see from Cllr. Oliur Rahman’s Facebook post (above) he will be making an announcement ‘very soon’ and would like to hear your views.

Oliur Rahman – The Golden Years

  • TV presenter at LB24tv
  • Executive Member at JBPK
  • Chair at PCS Union East London
  • Leader of the Opposition at Tower Hamlets Council
  • Councillor – Stepney Green at Tower Hamlets Council
  • Politician & Freelance Consultant
  • Former Deputy mayor at Tower Hamlets Council
  • Former Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families at Tower Hamlets Council

Oliur’s glittering CV (above) omits his many years served as an Employment Coach at Stratford Job Centre, or his reasons for leaving.

Maybe this is an issue votes might care to question him about if he should appear on their doorstep?


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