Wapping’s roads become a racing circuit for thugs in cars once again

Residents across Wapping were woken late last night by the sound of a vehicle (or vehicles) tearing around the roads at high speed.

Thanks to the vigilance of East London Area Traffic Police the thugs in cars have steered clear of Wapping for a few weeks but now it seems the boy racers are back with a vengeance.

People in E1W are familiar with the sounds of the boy racers cars as they speed around our roads and even those living in Cable Street can hear them.

The vehicle that was heard – if not seen – last night was something else. The sheer intensity of the way the car was being driven at very high revs and the incredibly loud noise of the engine was something else.

LW was in the area and was more than a little scared. The sound of this car was mad.

Residents LW talked to this morning report that the vehicle came from the direction of Reardon Street, screeched into Tench Street, then down to the corner of the park where the John Orwell vehicle gates are then accelerated again towards Wapping High Street and off into the night

Same car, same idiot?

Other residents say that another idiot in another car gave a similar display of complete disregard for the law, the community and the safety of others along the same roads at around 14:00 hrs yesterday.

Wapping residents have a problem understanding how these thugs in cars can seemingly do what they like when they like (Traffic Police activity excepted) while MPS Tower Hamlets only seem keen to stop ordinary drivers doing 32 MPH in Wapping Lane in broad daylight?

Twice in the last few weeks there have been teams of up to seven Tower Hamlets PCs operating a speed gun in Wapping Lane. Three PCs to operate the speed gun itself then another three or four PCs further down Wapping Lane to undertake the paperwork and advise the errant drivers of the errors of their ways.

Slap on the wrist

All good stuff, all necessary. But why does MPS Tower Hamlets consider it sensible to deploy seven PCs to carry out basic ‘slap on the wrist’ checks in the middle of the afternoon but seemingly ignore the thugs in cars who will kill someone soon?

Next week on Thursday 27th April at St. George’s Town Hall Cable Street there is a public meeting about policing where the Borough Commander Sue Williams will be present.

One question that might be worth asking is this:

“How can deploying seven borough PCs to carry out speed checks in Wapping Lane in broad daylight be an appropriate allocation of scarce police resources when thugs in cars know they can speed around our streets at will without fear of being caught?”

Just a suggestion.

LW Comment

Sceptics might think that the reason is that while it is easy to deploy seven PCs in the afternoon to catch unsuspecting motorists it is difficult to apprehend the thugs in cars.

The sceptic might also be of the opinion that the easy pickings in Wapping Lane are much better for figures that purport to show how the traffic laws are being enforced in our borough.

Unfortunately those statistics show nothing of the kind.

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