Wapping Mini Marathon 18th March around (and around) Shadwell Basin

The seventh Mini Marathon event takes place at Shadwell Basin on 18th March 2017 organised by local Wapping charity Community Solutions.

It’s up to you how you take part. You can walk, run, skateboard or push a pram around the course of either 1.6 km, 3 km or 5 km with flexible start times between 11.00 am and 4.00pm

The Just Giving page is here Wapping Mini Marathon 2017.

As usual the emphasis is on taking part and having fun rather than demonstrating any Olympic potential, so please do come along to help us to fundraise money for our local community and causes.

Registration Fees

  • £6 per child
  • £12 per adult
  • £28 for a family (£20 for a single parent family)

The starting point is the east side of Shadwell Basin.

Firstly, please pay your Registration Fee by:

  • Visiting our web site here and using the ‘Donate with Paypal’ button on the homepage;
  • Visiting our Just Giving page
  • Transferring the Registration Fee to Acct Name: Community Solutions Acct No: 24247987 Sort Code: 56-00-18

Please ensure you reference your name and ‘MM’ to identify the event you are registering for.

Sponsorship form

You can download a sponsorship form here Mini Marathon Sponsorship Form 2017

You can choose to support the charity as a whole or a specific part of our work:

  • Trumpers Jumpers Classes for Families with Under 5s (TJC)
  • Education Station for Primary Age Children and Families (ES)
  • and/or Equality, Employment and Empowerment (EEE)
  • and/or Helping Hands (HH)
  • and/or All/Any of the Above (AA)

Here are some project summary details to support your fundraising drive. (PDF)

Downloading, printing and cutting out our account details to give to your sponsors can be done here (PDF)

You can sign up now by emailing wappingminimara@gmail.com or calling Cathy on 07476625165.

Community Solutions Mini Marathon Shadwell Basin
Community Solutions Mini Marathon Shadwell Basin


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