Two days of nice weather and the ASB plague starts once again

Today has been a lovely day in Wapping when we all get the opportunity to get outside and make the most of the blue skies and sunshine.

Unfortunately the nice weather also means the ASB slime emerge from underneath their rocks and try to make life miserable for the rest of us.

King Edward Memorial Park in the sunshine

Dial it in on 101

LW has been made aware of three incidents of ASB in Wapping in the last few hours. So we all need to get back to making sure every incident is logged with the police using the 101 service. (Yes, we know 101 is not fit for purposed but at the moment it is all we have.)

Incident 1: Yesterday evening a resident making a business phone call in Wapping Rose Gardens was verbally abused by six Bangladeshi youths all around 16 years of age who then started throwing stones at him. Nice, huh?

Incident 2: Today in Wapping Gardens three Bangladeshi youths smoking joints entered the park with a dog which was not on a lead and was very aggressive towards a local resident.

Incident 3: Last night / early this morning yet more trouble in Hermitage. Here is the text of a tweet from resident  – check his tweet for the video.

“1:40am last night outside H.Park Wapping. Blazing music, unrinating on walls. A taste of what we’ll have in Summer if unchecked”

Every summer our wonderful green spaces are invaded by yobs who indulge in ASB seemingly unchecked and who, by their actions, then deny our parks to ordinary law-abiding residents.

This is not right, it is not acceptable and residents in Wapping and undoubtedly across the entire borough are sick of tired of excuses from the authorities.

How long before the next car crash?

Residents do not want more Ward Walkabouts they want action.

As ever please report any incidents of ASB via 101. If the 101 system does not work then we need to show it does not work. If 101 does work then we need to understand what can be done to crack down on ASB in all its forms wherever it may occur.

The police are reliant on us to be their eyes and ears. Whatever the reality of police resourcing in the borough they cannot do their job without us.

So every incident of ASB you see or experience – dial it in.

The streets of Tower Hamlets are littered with these used ‘laughing gas’ containers.


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