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Tower Hamlets Homes data theft – another case of justice denied

Reports in the national media this morning that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is to conduct an inquiry into the use of personal data by pro-BREXIT political parties seems to be at odds with events in Tower Hamlets where a clear case of data theft for political purposes by Tower Hamlets First was ignored.

Detail of Tower Hamlets First canvassing sheets with personal data obtained from Tower Hamlets Homes.


The data theft was the third time seemingly clear cases of criminality related to the political process have been ignored by the authorities.

Firstly the Metropolitan Police making their own decision to not conduct an investigation into Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party despite evidence of corruption and perjury exposed during the Electoral Petition.

Secondly the failure to prosecute any member of Lutfur Rahman’s Youth Services because of claims by a unknown council officer that the evidence was incorrectly ‘packaged’.

And the failure of the ICO to take no action after their investigation into the alleged theft of the personal data of tens of thousands of Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) residents by Tower Hamlets First which was used by, among other, Cllr. Rabina Khan to send text messages to THH residents urging them to vote for her.

Cllr. Khan also has ambitions of being the next Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Text message urging people to vote for Rabina Khan received by a borough resident.

In addition to the specific details of each of the above cases there is the issue of the reason for this inaction? Corruption in high places? Unlikely. Incompetence? Partly. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one and fits all three of these cases – political correctness.

Just a common crook

No-one in authority had the courage to do their duty and bring criminal prosecutions against the first Muslim to be a directly-elected Executive Mayor in the UK for fear of being branded racist. It is that simple.

What the authorities were oblivious to was the fact that Rahman’s actions were not motivated by his religion, race or ethnicity.  He is just a crook motivated by greed as is the person who breaks into your flat and steals your TV. No difference.

Because of the failure by the authorities to deal with Rahman and leave it to the four electoral petitioners to do the job and the subsequent failures of the Metropolitan Police and ICO to to their duty we now have a situation where Lutfur Rahman is back on the political scene and operating unhindered and with his usual lack of regard for democracy or the law.

And can you blame him? If he got away with it then why not do it now? If a thief steals your TV and you continue to leave your front door wide open don’t be surprised if you get burgled on a regular basis.

The result of the ICO inquiry into the possible use of personal data by Leave campaigners will not be completed soon. When it is done and dusted maybe the ICO can look once more at Tower Hamlets and do their job.



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