Met Traffic Police on prowl for speeding cars in Wapping

The young thugs who are making our roads and streets unsafe as they speed around Wapping are in for a very nasty shock as the Met’s Traffic Police were out and about last night.

Even better LW is pleased to report that it was none other than Traffic / Roads Policing Sergeant Jak Bentley himself sending a clear signal that the activities of these thugs will not be tolerated.

Photo courtesy Sergeant Jak Bentley

Sergeant Bentley (@jak_bentley) tweeted the above photo of his patrol vehicle outside the Prospect of Whitby at around 1am this morning while the rest of us were tucked up all nice and warm.

Many of you will remember Jak from his time as our Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) Sergeant.

Jak Bentley on two wheels at our local fort.

Jak could often be found lurking under the scaffolding outside Laksha Bay restaurant poised to inflict polite and firm grief on any car thugs who were foolish enough to drive past him. 

Needless to say it is highly unlikely that Sergeant Bentley or any of his colleagues from Traffic will be out every night in Wapping but the deterrent effect of the car thugs knowing that he just might be around the next corner is not to underestimated.

Elsewhere it was good to see @MPSTowerHam giving other suspects some grief.

According to their tweet the vehicle below was removed from our streets after “Vehicle failed to stop, 2 males decamped and ran from Police. Car seized and off to the pound.”

Photo courtesy of MPS Tower Hamlets

Many thanks to all our Traffic and Tower Hamlets police officers who work to keep us all safe.

No sympathy whatsoever for the room temperature IQ idiots who treat their community with complete disrespect.

You will be found and you will be collared. We look forward to it.






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