Major Biggs on Abdal Ullah’s Betar Bangla 1503 AM show 7 pm tonight

Local Wapping street style icon Abdal Ullah will be interviewing Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs on Abdal’s Betar Bangla 1510 AM show tonight 17th March at 7pm.

Mayor Biggs seems slightly wary of the tea made by Abdal Ullah.

You can hear ‘This week with Abdal Ullah on Betar Bangla 1503 AM’ courtesy of the amazing interwebs right here at 7pm.  It’s radio but not on the radio you see. Cool, huh?

It will be interesting to hear the views of Mayor Biggs on current topics of concern to borough residents such as the recent issue Tory party election overspending, Nicola Sturgeon’s ambushing of Theresa May,  the just plain weirdness of the ex-Chancellor George Osborne becoming editor of the Evening Standard or much more likely housing, housing, housing and housing.

And maybe some reference to the latest antics of his corruptly-elected predecessor and the distinct lack of enthusiams shown by the Metropolitan Police Service to carry out a criminal investigation into, yes you guessed it, his corruptly-elected predecessor.

But more likely something about housing.

Let’s just hope Mr Ullah manages to make Mr Biggs a decent cup of tea tonight.

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