Lutfur Rahman’s disciplinary case postponed due to judicial review

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal prosecution of corruptly elected ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman scheduled for earlier this week has been delayed subject to the outcome of a judicial review of the election’ court’s original decision in April 2015 that saw him found guilty of electoral fraud and dismissed from office.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman

According to a report in the Law Society Gazette counsel for the solicitors regulatory body the Solicitors Regulation Authority said that Rahman’s behaviour was “a very clear case of the profession being brought into disrepute”.

He also said that the judicial review of the electoral court decision was only concerned with overturning Rahman’s conviction so that he could once more stand for public office.

Specialist in fraud, money laundering and terrorism

Mr Tanveer Qureshi, a barrister who has ‘particular experience in representing defendants charged with financial and corporate crime such as fraud and money laundering‘ acted on behalf of Rahman and argued that the SRA hearing should be postponed until the result of the judicial review.

The Carmelite Chambers profile page for Mr Quershi promotes his expertise in terrorism cases. These include:

R v Jaman – dissemination of terrorist publication over twitter concerned with encouraging people to travel to Syria and support ISIS

R v Brooks – first ever prosecution contrary to Counter Terrorist Act 2008

R v Essay – similar case as above: concerned with encouraging people to travel to Syria and support ISIS

R v Ali – Syrian Aid convey / fraud allegations – on-going

R v Benares – D charged with S.58 offences, FIRST EVER successful submission that publication known as 39 ways does not fall within ambit of s.58

R v Fadi – D charged with S.58 allegation concerned with the inspire publication – acquitted of two counts

R v Raham  conspiracy to bomb stock exchange – terrorist conspiracy

R v Malik – D charged with s.57 and s.58 allegations – convictions quashed on appeal

R v Brooks – prosecution concerning fundraising for a terrorist puposes, when monies were raised to arm insurgents in Fullajah, Iraq

R v Chowdhury – public order matters concerning Danish Cartoon

R v Malik was the case of Samina Malik, the self-styled “Lyrical Terrorist”, who became the first woman to be convicted under the Terrorism Act 2000 and who had her conviction overturned on appeal.

Qureshi’s CV also includes involvement in the Danish cartoon controversy when he acted for the men alleged to have incited terrorism in London.




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