Honour PC Keith Palmer by carrying on with a normal day

The events of yesterday at Parliament and Westminster Bridge had the sole purpose of ‘terrorising’ Londoners. The criminal who was shot dead by the police failed in his task as will any who follow him.

The sheer raw courage of PC Keith Palmer who was murdered as he tried to stop the criminal who attacked him with two knives is beyond description.

PC Keith Palmer, murdered doing his duty. Image courtesy Metropolitan Police Service

How do Londoners express their respect and thanks to PC Palmer and his family? We carry on as normal just as we did yesterday.

We get up and go to work as normal.

We spend our days working at homes and offices or going to school as normal.

We have lunch as normal.

We return to our homes and families as normal.

That is how we honour PC Palmer. And we will do the same thing the next day. And the next.

PC Palmer expected to go home to his family yesterday after he had finished his shift. He did not.

The hard reality of living in a democracy is that brave men and women like him will continue to give their lives and in so doing keep us all safe.

The name of the coward who killed our police officer will be forgotten. The name of PC Keith Palmer will always be remembered by grateful Londoners.



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