Cllr. Julia Dockerill carries on with case work during Parliament lockdown

A typically British example of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ today from  our very own Cllr. Julia Dockerill in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on Parliament today.

Cllr. Julia Dockerill, keeping calm and carrying on.

Julia sent LW an email about various community matters as she was in lock-down in the Norman Shaw north building (just next to Parliament) where she does her ‘day job’ as Chief of Staff to Mark Field MP.

“It’s not a montage. It’s normal and not normal at same time.”

With Julia’s permission here is an extract from her email:

“Just doing my [case work] emails while waiting in a stairwell in parliament. Keeps the mind occupied!

As you can see, its lockdown here. We first barricaded ourselves in our portcullis office with the sofa but then police came door to door telling us to evacuate as thought a car bomb on embankment and worried windows might blow in so now in next door building sitting in Norman shaw north and just waiting for instruction to sound of helicopters overhead.

It’s so terrible about the lady who has died and just hope police officer and others are ok.”

In another email Julia said:

“It’s weird being in politics as things happen that get on TV but when you’re living through them it’s just reality and everyone is just flapping around and not knowing. It’s not a montage. It’s normal and not normal at same time.”

The words above are a perfect message to the terrorists and extremists who think they can scare us. They cannot.

Bomb us, shoot us, attack our institutions and our brave police officers and we will not be terrorised by you. We will continue working away in stairwells if need be and going about our daily lives and you will not win.