Another Tobacco Dock party this weekend – did you read the small print?

While wandering along Wapping Lane the other day we noticed that there were still those useless notices with the very small print adorning some of the lamp posts from the two New Years Eve parties at Tobacco Dock. Just before we ripped them down in annoyance (put it up? clean it up!) we read the small print. Which is all of it.

And guess what? These signs / flyers / notices are for another event at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 11th March. This one is for Elrow Singermorning London. Er… right.

LW not being down wiv da kidz or nuffink we have no idea what this might be but the poster below gives a good idea. Crazy pop and roll man is our guess!

Elrow online imagery.

Elrow runs from midnight Saturday 11th until 22:30 Sunday 12th March. Someone might want to make sure the cash machines in Wapping Lane are topped up.

Now the interesting thing is that if you compare the very bright and shiny online imagery for Elrow above and then compare it with the ‘notification’ flyer / poster / whatever in the photo below you will notice a difference.

Spot the notification to residents at the bottom of Wapping Lane.

Sorry? What? You can’t see it? Hmm…. that’s odd. Well it is the white bit of paper stuck on the street sign in the middle of the photograph above.

And, like before, it is very small print. So small as to be unreadable.

But then this is unlikely to be an issue because no-one is every likely to read it because no-one knows what it is. And no-one knows what it is because the print is, well, small. All of it.

Now if there was at the very least a BIG HEADLINE then people might notice the, er, notice.

But there is not. So people don’t. Which means the event organisers have ticked a box which allows them to stage their event but in fact does not inform anyone of anything.

It could say something like “Information for Residents – Elrow SingerMorning at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 11th March”in BIG READABLE LETTERS. OR EVEN USE SOME COLOUR MAYBE? JUST SO PEOPLE NOTICE IT

But it does not.

Here is a closer image of the notice. You may not be able to read it though. Because the print is, well, small.

Read the small print.

There is a phone number at the bottom. LW could not see any email address or website. Maybe there is one and we could not see it. Why? Well…



2 thoughts on “Another Tobacco Dock party this weekend – did you read the small print?

  1. reading the small print, perhaps you should, lunchtime Saturday to 10:30 pm Saturday, not all night. Still, why let the facts get in the way of a rant?

  2. The poster says 12PM, not 12AM (which would actually be Sunday then). That’s 10.5 hours on Saturday, not 24 hours into Sunday. (also makes a lot more sense doesn’t it, who on earth starts at midnight?)

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