Vote Ohid, get Lutfur – Tower Hamlets Together carries on regardless of ban

Lutfur Rahman’s attempt to register the Tower Hamlets Together party may have been rejected by the Electoral Commission but his political comeback continues unhindered as these flyers for the ‘Tower Hamlets Independent Group’ show.

If anything else was needed to demonstrate the contempt that Lutfur Rahman and his corrupt gang have for both the laws of the land and the honest voters of Tower Hamlets this is it.


The bigger photo on one side of this flyer for Tower Hamlets Independent Group may be of Ohid Ahmed but everyone in the borough knows that the real candidate is Lutfur Rahman.

Together we can – and together they will

Look at the other flyer being distributed around Lansbury and Limehouse over the last few days shown below.

Notice the emphasis on the word ‘together’?

“Bringing Tower Hamlets Together”, “Together, We can!” run the headlines making it simple for Tower Hamlets First to just change a few words and reprint the exact same literature under the Tower Hamlets Together banner.


In fact it is very unlikely they would even have bothered doing that.

Or so Lutfur Rahman and Ohid Ahmed may have been planning before their not very cunning plan was scuppered.

The flyer above makes no mention of Lutfur Rahman being found guilty of corruption. Odd that. And no mention of Ohid Ahmed being corruptly elected.

But then as Tower Hamlets First / Tower Hamlets Together / Tower Hamlets Independent Group continue to show they have no interest in how the law works.

It is true that Rahman cannot stand for public office. But it is a certainty that if Ohid Ahmed was to be elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets one of his first actions would be to install Lutfur Rahman as a political adviser. That’s how it works.

LW Comment

For the sake of clarity here is the reality of what is happening in Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets Independent Group = Lutfur Rahman’s party.

Tower Hamlets First party = Lutfur Rahman’s party.

Tower Hamlets Together party = Lutfur Rahman’s party.


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