Turk’s Head Cafe Beer Tasting event Friday 3rd February

This Friday 3rd February sees the first beer tasting event at the Turks Head Cafe, 1 Green Bank, Wapping E1W. This starts at 6pm and you can taste beer to your hearts content until midnight.

The new beer line consists of Amstel, Affligem Blonde, Heineken and of course the unique Wapping Hoppy!

Founded in 1870 Amsterdam, Amstel is the perfect balance of taste and refreshment at 4.1% ABV. Its golden colour is achieved using light and dark malt, giving Amstel Bier a sweet malt flavour with hints of raisin and dark fruit.


Where to find Affligem Blonde in east London?

Affligem Blonde is a favourite of beer experts  with a carefully balanced aroma of fresh bread, banana spice, citrus and hints of vanilla. A smooth taste. Malty, nutty softness followed by the roundness of tropical fruit and then a dry, light bitterness. Medium bodied, smooth, round mouth-feel. A bright, refreshing finish. the final note on swirling has stronger notes of banana, yeasty spice and a hoppy aroma.

Heineken is of course the  iconic Pale Lager from Holland – the Turks Head Cafe is what all local cafes would be like if they were made by Heineken.

Last but not least there is Wapping Hoppy, the Turks Head traditional Pale Ale, created & crafted by Wapping Hockey Team. A must try.


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