Support Vinnie and say “No” to unfair no pets policies

Tower Hamlets residents are campaigning to change the law so that people are not separated from their beloved pets by ‘no pets’ policies in properties created on a whim.

A Justice Bus will be transporting residents to the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday 20th February to attend a hearing into the case of Vinnie and his owner Gabby Kuehn.


In November 2015 Gabby Kuehn and Vinnie moved into their new home after they had obtained consent from the freeholder by way of a licence to keep Vinnie. Gabby was given to understand that the counter signature of the management company was just a formality.

Unwritten ‘no pets’ policy

Only after Gabby and Vinnie moved in did the leaseholder’s management company inform Gabby that they refused to give consent on the basis that they had an unwritten “no pet’s policy”. The management company commenced legal proceedings in January 2015.

The claim is that Gabby in breach of her lease for keeping a pet without consent.  Our defence is that our request was not considered based on a blanket no pet policy which is unreasonable.

It is this case which is going to be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday.

VinnieKs Justice Support Bus will be picking up people from Island gardens, Sir John McDougall Gardens, Waitrose, Victory Place in Limehouse and the Turks Head in Wapping bright and early on Monday morning.

If you would like to attend please contact for details.

Say NO to no pet policies

Legally separate but obviously directly related to this Gabby has started a petition, “NO” to No Pet Policies, for a change in the law.

“Our fight for change has come about because of the number of people who are forced to give up their pets all over the country because of no pet policy’s,” says Gabby. “A lot of these people are vulnerable and unable to fight for  themselves. They end up losing their best friends who also end up in shelters or have to be put down.”

For more information

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand
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