Refusal to support Ohid Ahmed gets Lutfur Rahman fuming

A bad week for Lutfur Rahman. On Thursday his Tower Hamlets Together party application was rejected by the Electoral Commission then yesterday his loyal followers turn out to be not so loyal.

The turnout for the meeting at 27 Emmott Close was lower than expected despite extensive free publicity from LW.

Only around 60 people turned up to hear Lutfur speak and word is that 25% of these were family members of Cllr. Mahbub Alam.

As you can see from the photographs the meeting was not exactly a true reflection of the Tower Hamlets demographic.

Audience at Lutfur Rahman’s meeting at Emmott Close. It seems that the two gentlemen front right have taken the easy way out and had a snooze.

Standing up and speaking out

At least three people had the courage to publicly state that they would not be supporting Cllr. Ohid Ahmed as a Mayoral candidate and this made Lutfur more than a little angry in his response.

Lutfur’s political meeting normally consist of him telling people what to do and how to vote, what is on offer in terms of ‘treats’ then it all gets done with no dissent allowed. Not this time.

It seems that this meeting did not go according to Lutfur and Ohid’s plan. Those who attended went to question them instead of blindly supporting them.

This might seem normal for a political meeting but not for Tower Hamlets First / Tower Hamlets Together.

A refreshing change to hear of people telling Lutfur how it is as opposed to how he would like it to be. Well done.

The corruptly elected ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets speaks to a less than full and distinctly argumentative audience.


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