Rahman’s Tower Hamlets Together party registration rejected by EC

The application to register Tower Hamlets Together (THT) as a political party has been rejected by the Electoral Commission on the grounds that the name was “Likely to mislead voters as to the effect of their vote.”

Which of course was the whole point.

THT Rejected
Tower Hamlets Together registration rejected.

You can see the original decision document published by the Electoral Commission here. (PDF)

Subsequent to Love Wapping breaking this story the Department for Communities and Local Government demanded that the Electoral Commission undertake a ‘forensic review’ of the application. 

Just to make sure that the Electoral Commission did their job properly Cllr. Peter Golds, Leader of the Tower Hamlets Conservative Group, also sent a letter listing numerous reasons why the application by Tower Hamlets Together should be rejected.

Cllr. Peter Golds


“His former colleagues seem set on doing it all over again”

“This was clearly nothing but a cynical attempt to re-register the disgraced, discredited and disqualified Tower Hamlets First,” said Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs in a press statement released to LW. 


Mayor John Biggs

“A court ruled these councillors were corruptly elected and disbanded their party. Instead of standing down and admitting their wrongdoing, Lutfur Rahman’s former colleagues seem set on doing it all over again.”

LW Comment

Residents of Tower Hamlets can now sit back and wait for the next attempt by Lutfur Rahman’s chums to register a political party.

With any luck the next name will be chosen by the same genius who thought the Electoral Commission would not pick up on the similarities between Tower Hamlets First and Tower Hamlets Together.

Some suggestions sent to LW for the next name are:

  • Tower Hamlets Second, Last and Always Will Be
  • First Hamlets Tower (see what they did there?)
  • Main Stream Grants Reliance Party
  • Your Money, Our Pockets



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