Lutfur Rahman’s next campaigning appearance – on council premises

For those of you who have yet to fall under the spell of Lutfur Rahman it seems his next campaigning appearance will be at 6pm this Sunday 26th February at 27 Emmott Close E1 4QW (Mile End). And it seems it will be taking place on Council premises – which is illegal. See update further down page on this.

Tea and cakes

Cllr. Mahbub Alam would appreciate it if you could confirm your attendance on 0794 6491 261 so he can make enough tea and cakes for everyone.

Here’s the invite courtesy of Mahbub. Cheers!

27 Emmott Close Invite

LW is not sure if Lutfur’s hitherto unannounced appearance will be item three on the agenda as one of the guest speakers or item five, Mayoral election 2018 and our candidate.

As always we would be grateful for any reports as to the substance of the meeting, especially the type of cakes served and posh biscuits – if any.

Update 16.25hrs 25th February 2017

Thanks to the eagle eyes of a resident who has pointed out that 27 Emmott Close seems to be Emmott Senior Citizen Lodge (27 Emmott Close Solebay Street E1 4QN) which seems to be a property belonging to Tower Hamlets Council.

By pure chance LW happens to have a list of all the properties owned by the Council and we are pleased to confirm that 27 Emmott Close is indeed a Council property – UPRN 6048651  Asset Reference 213-000132 if we are not mistaken. 

Illegal use of Council facilities?

Eagle eyed reader also reminded us that it is illegal to use council facilities for electoral purposes. (Shurely not?, Ed.)

A quick check of the Council website brought up this document (PDF) about some weary council matter in 2013, the interesting thing being that one of the issues it mentioned was “This Council further notes that it is illegal to use council facilities and staff for electoral and partisan political purposes.”

Wonder who that was aimed at? 

Anyhow it would seem that the Selfie King is being quite naughty because, by any stretch of our already stretched imaginations, having corruptly elected and banned from public office Lutfur Rahman as the star surprise guest would seem to be a touch, well, political.

Fair comment? Fortunately the DCLG Commissioners still reside in the Town Hall and we are sure they will sort it out.

Of course the odd thing is that Tower Hamlets First / Tower Hamlets Together started their campaigning for the 2018 local elections months ago while the other parties are still thinking about it. 

— update ends — 

LR Mahbub 600


Do say: “Make sure you bake enough cakes this time Mahbub.”

Don’t say: “Sorry to hear about the Tower Hamlets Together rejection Lutfur!”


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