Cllr. Golds takes Electoral Commission to task over Tower Hamlets Together

Lutfur Rahman is attempting his political comeback using the ruse of attempting to register ‘Tower Hamlets Together’ as a new political party with the Electoral Commission. For those who do not know Lutfur Rahman’s previous political party was called ‘Tower Hamlets First’.

Original, huh?

Lutfur Rahman’s nemesis

Few people in Tower Hamlets know more about the ducking and diving that Lutfur Rahman and his corruptly elected group of councillors get up to than Cllr. Peter Golds, Leader of the Conservative Group, Tower Hamlets Council aka the nemesis of Lutfur Rahman.

Cllr. Peter Golds telling it as it is.

Cllr. Golds has written to Ms Claire Bassett, Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission with some factual details that should torpedo any hopes of Tower Hamlets Together becoming a registered political party. Or even becoming a group of people waiting at a bus stop for that matter.

There again the Electoral Commission is not noted for its competence when it comes to the whole democracy and voting and elections thing.

Below you will find the text of the letter from Cllr. Golds to Ms. Bassett.

Monday 20th February 2017

Re: Tower Hamlets Together

I am writing regard the requested registration of a political party to be called Tower Hamlets Together. This is already the name of an established and important local organisation. Tower Hamlets Together is a partnership of local health and social care organisations with an ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the borough of Tower Hamlets. It is made up of NHS organisations, the local authority and the Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service. It is not a political party and the management will be strongly opposed to being aligned with a political party; not least one with the history of corruption and electoral malpractice that surrounds this proposed political party.

I refer to the correspondence from Chis Skidmore, the Minister for the Constitution sent to Sir John Holmes on 2nd February and the reply from Sir John, dated the 9th February.

Sir John says in his letter that “we will want to be sure that the party have and operate within a satisfactory constitution, and adopt and operate within a satisfactory financial scheme.”

The name alone should exclude this “party” from consideration. This name, if permitted, will cause confusion amongst the electorate. In addition, the proposed logo is almost identical to that of Tower Hamlets First which the Commission removed from the Register of Political Parties after the 2015 election court disqualified the former Mayor and his agent for corrupt and illegal practices.

The Commission operates under strict guidelines regarding the constitution and financial schemes associated with registered political parties. Tower Hamlets First, as revealed in the election court, had neither and it would be surprising if this organisation, consisting of a group of Tower Hamlets First associates of the disqualified Lutfur Rahman, are any better.

For example, Lutfur Rahman announced the selection of Cllr Ohid Ahmed as his Mayoral candidate for the 2018 election before registration. How the selection process took place is probably best explained in the trial judgement. Candidates were personally selected by Lutfur Rahman and it is unlikely that anything will change in 2018.

A check on the proposed officers indicates their involvement with Tower Hamlets First.

Leader: Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury

  • He is the Editor of one of the local Bangladeshi Newspapers which was signalled out by Commissioner Mawrey for its “intemperate” support of Lutfur Rahman. An example of this was the full page article published in 2014 on the opening day of the trial in the Royal Courts of Justice headed “Any attack on Lutfur Rahman is an attack on all British Bangladeshis”

Nominating officer: Kabir Hussain

  • Lives in Spitalfields and is a close friend of Lutfur Rahman

Treasurer: Jahed Bokth Choudhury

  • Next door neighbour of Cllr Ohid Ahmed

Other officer: Homayra Begum

  • The wife of Cllr. Maium Miah. She featured in the election court as being registered to vote at 19 St Anthony’s Road, Forest Gate, in the Borough of Newham. This address was also used as the home address by their children for schooling purposes. Cllr. Miah had an uncomfortable time in explaining this address, where he was on the land registry, albeit under a variation of his name, and the address in Tower Hamlets which he used as his home address for nomination purposes.

It is unlikely that any of them would be able to fulfill the duties of the correct and legal management of a reputable, registered political party.

In any case the deliberate misuse of the name of a respectable, and well known local organisation should prevent registration of this so called political  “party.”

Councillor Peter Golds CBE

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

LW Comment

Ouch! The residents of Tower Hamlets look forward to the reply from the Electoral Commission.

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  1. Congratulations to Peter Golds on his full, frank & honest statement on the dishonest & totally shambolic state of affairs in LBTH. Exposing the incompetence of the Met and Government commissioners has to be admired, whatever your views!

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