Boy racer car crash turns Glamis Road into a battleground

Glamis Road resembled a battlefield this morning after boy racers trashed several bollards with a vehicle driven at high speed in the early hours.

The wrecked car with trail of destruction behind. Photo Copyright 2017 Laura Jorgensen


At around 4.30 am this morning residents were woken by a group of Bangladeshi youths doing the things on the street they can’t do at home – drinking, taking drugs and making life miserable for everyone with complete disregard for the law.


The climax of this disturbance was when one of the youths somehow managed to get enough speed out of a car that it destroyed several bollards in Glamis Road opposite the Adventure Playground.


Residents were baffled as to exactly how one car could do so much damage.

“When will the police and council wake up to this behaviour and start to enforce the law?,” said one local resident. “How much damage and how many deaths must take place before action is taken?”


As ever luckily nobody was injured.

The police attended, cordoned off the road and removed the vehicle. The remains of the bollards – and car parts – were still spread over the pavement this morning.



  1. And the remnants of the car and bollards are /still/ there. There’s a lot of glass and sharp objects which can’t be good for all the kids around the area.

  2. We have just had another crash (12:15). A police car chasing a car along Thomas Moore Street. I can’t go outside but it looks like a silver BMW. I heard a siren, screech and crash. It want past my place (Stockholm Way), past the junction of Vaughan Road and has crashed into a park car. Thankfully, it does not appear that anybody else is injured.

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