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BBC London News – Lutfur Rahman is back (video)

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In response to the generous open invitation from Cllr. Mahbub ‘Selfie King Alam [LINK] to the launch of Lutfur Rahman’s new political party BBC London News sent along a very experience news reporter, Dan Freeman, to see what was going on.

Below you can see the reception Dan received.

BBC LDN Lutfur Rahman is back 1830 VT and LIVE from Dan Freedman on Vimeo.

And here is a key still from the footage:

BBC LDN grab 01 Mahbub Alam
Cllr. Mahbub Alam putting his hand over the BBC camera lens

Alam and his Tower Hamlets Together heavies obstruct the BBC crew and then force them out of the room. They still haven’t got their heads around the whole democracy thing, have they?

Typical behaviour and in marked contrast to the beaming selfies that Mahbub Alam posts to Twitter and Facebook.

There will be a more extensive version of Dan Freeman’s report on the BBC London Politics show on Sunday at 12.30. Sounds like a must see TV experience.

Islamic Forum Europe selfie

We did consider publishing a small selection of Mahbub Alam’s selfies but we see no compelling reason to inflict this on either of our readers.

Instead here is our favourite photograph Mahbub and the jolly chaps of Shadwell unit of Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) of which Alam is a member.

Islamic Forum Europe Shadwell Branch
Councillor Abjol Miah, Councillors Harun Miah (Shadwell), Councillor Mamun Rashid (Shadwell) and Senior Respect party Members Mahbub (Mamun) Alam, Shah Shuhel, Shofiqul Islam (shishu), Abul Hussain, Abdul Malik and Shahar Ali (Imran).

Another day, another political party

You can see the original photograph here on the Tower Hamlets Respect Party blog when Mahbub Alam was a Senior Member of the Respect Party. That was just before he was a member of the Tower Hamlets First Party, his current membership of the Tower Hamlets Independent Group (THING) and light year away from his current activity forming the Tower Hamlets Together party with Lutfur Rahman.

Readers, especially members of the press, might find this previous LW post of interest as it throws some light on Mahbub Alam’s attitude towards press freedom just after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Note: Cllr. Alam may well have changed to another political party group since the above sentence was written, so please do not take it is a definitive list.

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