Invasion of King Edward Memorial Park by Thames Water begins

After many years of struggle and protest King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) has begun to endure its invasion by Thames Water this week as it prepares to build the super sewer ventilation shafts.

Great news for Thames Water shareholders, disastrous for East End residents.

SIte entrance in Glamis Road

The tennis courts seem to be where the footpath will be diverted, so local residents will have to walk past iron crowd control barriers from Glamis to get into the park itself.


The route then takes people past the childrens playground (above).  The multi-use outdoor games area will become the site entrance and between now and May work will continue including the felling of some of our lovely trees.

Thames Water information sheet

Some sections of the park will be fenced off as planned.

Remember KEMP is still your park, Thames Water are merely intruders.

Thames Water information sheet

There is little else to say apart from that it might be a very good idea for you and your family to go and enjoy King Edward Memorial Park today before it changes forever.

King Edward Memorial Park


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