Our Bangla community investigates source of Rahman’s £750,000

A document sent anonymously to Love Wapping shows that our Bangladeshi community is standing up to Lutur Rahman and has launched its own citizens investigation into the £750,000 loaned to the ex-Mayor to finance his electoral petition defence.

The four page document was received by LW last night just hours after we exclusively revealed that Rahman is relaunching his political career this weekend and announcing a new party, ‘Tower Hamlets Together’.

LW does not know the identity of the authors of the document but we have carried out checks and it seems to be authentic. The document is also being sent to the Bangladeshi press in the Borough.

The main thrust of the allegations are that the £750,000 raised by Lutfur Rahman’s supporters was in fact money provided by Rahman himself that was recycled through the ‘donors’ bank accounts to make it seem that the money was not coming from him.

LW has heard numerous stories along these lines over the last two years since we first published the list of financial donors in August 2015.

If this allegation is true it then begs the question of where Lutfur Rahman could lay his hands on £750,000 cash?

Recycled public funds? (Shome mishtake, shurely? Ed)

The document seems to allege that this money may have come from public funds recycled by Lutfur Rahman’s own Councillors and names four Tower Hamlets First councillors who donated a total of £89,000 to Lutfur. Details below.

LW cannot verify this allegation. We can be sure that the Metropolitan Police has never systematically questioned every person on Lutfur’s donation list and asked them to provide documentary evidence of the source of their donation.

Extracts from the document are below or you can view and download a PDF version (5mb) here. 

The documents authors also condemn Rahman for the hypocrisy of presenting himself as a pious Muslim leader who is in reality enjoys a liberal western lifestyle.

Extracts from document received by LW on 24th January 2017 from an anonymous source.

“The corrupt ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman and the list of the £750,000 ‘generous donors’ revealed.

We have all let or borrowed money from time to time and as a general rule to borrow money you might have gone to a family member or close friend, but even in this situation the lender would normally insist on a contract or an agreement for the loan.


So it comes as a big surprise that the convicted Lutfur Rahman claims to have ‘borrowed’ over £750,000 from members of the public without producing any contract in court, no repayment terms and no consequences for late payment or non-payment.

The most interesting loans are from the following people:

£82,500 from his niece Foujiya Sultana who is in her early 20’s and works as admin for the NHS.

Councillor Suluk Ahmed who gave £60,000

Councillor Aminur Khan who gave £14,500

Councillor Gulam Rabbani who gave £10,000

Councillor Maium Miah who gave £4,500

As you can see from the list, Lutfur himself has paid next to nothing in his own case. Which is very surprising considering it was his court case and not the donors!


We don’t want to divulge everything in this article due to not revealing all the evidence, but we are aware that Lutufr has received his large share of his investment back from Bangla City. During the court trial Lutfur made an oath on the holy Quran that he does not have any shares or interest in Bangla City. However, witnesses came forward during the court trial including the partners and the solicitor who set the company to confirm Lutfur invested more than £100,000 in Bangla City. The same Bangla City was sold a few years ago for over 9million. It is alleged Lutfur is to cash in his investment in the region of 500k. If this is established this will not only be fraud and deception but his morality can be questioned about his faith for lying on the holy Quran.


The real rumour in the community is that the convicted Lutfur Rahman never actually ‘borrowed’ any money but it was his money all the time which was just ‘recycled’ by various people who either deposited the money or transferred the money from their own account. We are in the process of talking to our various sources to gather all the evidence and have hired private investigators to gather evidence, once established this will be presented to the relevant authorities for fraud and perjury leading to criminal sanctions.

We are aware that a numberof people are still frightened and scared to come out in public, we want to assure you that you will be protected. You were lied to and forced into wrongdoing. We have particular interest in the Councillors who claim to have lent Lutfur money.

These councillors owe us a public duty to be transparent and honest under the Nolan Principles in public office. We are pursuing them vigorously and will expose them very soon to show you the voters if they genuinely lent their own money to Lutfur, used public funds or laundered Lutfur’s illegal funds. We will reveal the full details of which Councillors are alleged to have recycled public funds for Lutfur’s court case. Anonymous-crop-6


I have been informed by my sources he recently intended to visit Disney World in America with his extended family. It seems like his visa was refused. The entire trip would cost around £20,000 for a family of 8. If he is genuinely bankrupt he should be thinking about how to pay his loan of £750,000 back not going on holiday to America!


He presents himself as a Muslim leader whilst enjoying all the benefits of the western liberal lifestyle. His person western lifestyle is anything but strictly Muslim. I do not consider myself a pious Muslim and nor do I say so, but surely someone presents himself as a pious Muslim leader is a hypocrite and that is far worse in the eyes of God.


Let us get rid of phoney hypocrites and liars, those who attack our community and those who use our community for their personal goal.”

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View and download a PDF version (5mb) of the above document here. 

LW Comment

Fascinating stuff.  Even more important than the contents of this document is the fact that our proud Bangladeshi community have had enough of Lutfur Rahman and his cronies and are standing up to him and what he represents.

These Tower Hamlets residents have chosen to undertake their own investigation into the origins of the £750,000 provided by donors for Rahman’s court costs. LW wishes them luck and will provide them with any help or assistance they may need – just ask whoever you are!

Some may criticise the document’s authors for concealing their identities but LW fully understands why they have chosen to do so. If their names are known they and their families will become the subject of intimidation.

The only reason LW has been able to blog about the corrupt practises of Lutfur Rahman and the previous Tower Hamlets First administration is because we are not Bangladeshi.

We have no doubt there are many people in our Bangla community who would love to publish what they know as LW does. But they cannot because they still live in the shadow of intimidation.

Free speech in Tower Hamlets? Only for some. A luxury for too many.

Well done anonymous residents! We stand with you.

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