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  1. Thanks for reading my post and including it here. To be fair and just to clarify my point, I think I know why the BBC are being reticent on the detail of the contracts – just look at the reaction of industry sites like hold the front page. I don’t think its fair to say that details of the scheme itself have been limited (in all senses of the word) or without substance. But I would say that that on the day, it seemed a little confusing as to what was public and what was maybe sotto voce. But I can sympathise with the nervousness – and to that extent know why they were nervous.

    The figures and contractual ideas are always going to be picked over and some basic sums done and the numbers used to support or undermine. Given that some of this is still up for negotiation, including the Bundles, there is a risk that the BBC end up defending interpretation rather than reality. I do think the BBC needs to get over that a little; it needs to be more robust if its going to maintain some level of Involvement in the local/regional media landscape 🙂 To be fair to the BBC though most of the reticence from hyperlocals in the room seemed to have little to do with the BBC and everything to do with the perception of the established regional media organisations.

    I can see your point about the missed opportunity to create a ‘marketplace’ for hyperlocal content that could produce an effective revenue stream. I think its what economists call a ‘wicked problem’ but I do think thats a necessary challenge for the hyperlocal sector to grasp. I’m not sure I’d like the BBC to effectively service or control that market – economically or otherwise. Much better that is handled and managed by the hyperlocals. (perhaps through an honest broker like Cardiffs CCJ) As a final observation though I’d say that the if mechanics and will for participation in that kind of platform was possible then I would argue you would maybe have a scaleable enough network to be able to form consortiums to bid for the BBC’s Reporters scheme.

    1. Hi Andy! Thanks for the clarification on your original post and your additional thoughts, very welcome. When I first heard of the BBC Local Reporters Scheme I was very much in favour of it as the absence of effective reporting of the previous administration in Tower Hamlets (with the noticeable exception of Ted Jeory’s work on trialbyjeory) led to a situation whereby the entire borough was effectively hijacked by a group intent on lining the pockets of themselves and their supporters to the detriment of those genuinely in need. I am still a little baffled as to why the BBC are not being as open about their plans as they could be and to be honest I think the ‘zombie press’ are rubbing their hands with glee over another revenue stream at a time when their industry is collapsing. One of the consequences of publishing for the sake of ad revenue and not the information requirements of the readership.

      I do not think that the hyperlocal sector has missed an opportunity. The same digital tools that have decimated print publications are bread and butter to hyperlocals and I am sure there is a way for hyperlocal publishers to share content to the benefit of all. Needless to say a majority of hyperlocal stores are of relevance to only a specific geographic area – few people in Aberdeen would be interested in a car crashing into Mr Hussey’s butchers shop in Wapping Lane. However other stories that are generated by hyperlocals would be of interest on a UK basis, partly on their intrinsic news value but also as an example of potential stories for any area of the UK and, if correctly done, examples of how to research and present stories that need to be told. I am working on such a piece at the moment which will be published on Love Wapping later this week, but a classic example from Tower Hamlets is the data journalism LW undertook in relation to the previous Mayor. The same ‘pattern’ of approach could be applied elsewhere.

      I would like to think the hyperlocal sector could form a consortium to bid for the BBC Reporters scheme but think the reality of being a hyperlocal publisher (one or two people working with limited resources) would make this currently unfeasable. But I am sure we could, once we have got the framework of a trade body together, create a UK-wide hyperlocal network (huh?!) without too much trouble. The participation and honest brokerage of Cardiff’s CCJ would be essential.

      Hyperlocals may also have a potential future revenue stream from the emerging market for data. Of which more another time.

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