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  1. This article is written as though an increase in property prices is a negative thing… why is it negative for the value of a location to be appreciated by others and thus, reflected by an increase in the demand?

    The whole concept of being ‘priced out’ is ridiculous, people have sold up and moved somewhere else – this is their choice – just as it is for people from outside Wapping to find it a nice place to live and want to purchase a property here. If Wapping was still full of people born and bred in the East End it wouldn’t be the diverse and interesting place it is (and property would ironically not have appreciated to the extend it has)

    1. An increase in property prices is not in itself a bad thing. When a one-bedroom flat ex-council flat costs £490,000 and there are an increasing number of homeless people in the capital it is an obscenity.

      And I dont see how Wapping being full of people who can afford to buy a one-bed flat for £490,000 means that is suddenly becomes a ‘diverse and interesting’ place. Unless you mean diverse rich people?

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