Tower Hamlets corruption – only 24 hours left to submit your allegations

Anyone with knowledge of corruption in Tower Hamlets only has 24 hours to submit their allegations to the Council’s Clear-Up Team. Please tell the independent investigation team what you know before midday tomorrow Wednesday 8 December 2016.

LW has been busy getting its own documentation in order for the Clean-Up people and we have been advised that the ideal format for your information is as follows:

  1. Specific allegation – e.g. ‘That xxx / the Council /an organisation receiving Council funds xxxxx’
  2. What exactly happened – including a description of the alleged wrongdoing
  3. Who was involved (if known)
  4. Approximate dates

The email you need is this one: and you can find out more details here. 

Do the right thing – stand up and tell the truth

The only way we can clean our borough of the corruption virus of Rahman and Tower Hamlets First is by ordinary people standing and telling the truth about what happened.

That could be you.

Do the right thing for Tower Hamlets and send a message out that our Borough is better than those who have corrupted it in the past.


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