Three robberies in Reardon House in one afternoon

UPDATE 08 December 2016 Precise details of events at Reardon House are still hard to get from official sources but there seems to be a worrying possibility that although MPS officers did respond to a 999 emergency call our local police were not aware of the Reardon House robberies as of yesterday (07 Dec) afternoon. Oops. If anyone from the MPS would like to tell LW and Wapping what is going on everyone would be grateful. 

Residents of Reardon House have been the victims of three robberies this afternoon as four white males posing as builders have forced their way into flats, ransacked the premises and stolen property.

In at least one incident the four males knocked on a door and when it was opened told the occupier that there was a water leak upstairs and asked to come in to fix it.

Metal detectors used

At this point the robbers forced their way into the flat and used metal detectors to search for hidden valuable such as jewellery.

Local sources say that since the erection of scaffolding around Reardon House for normal Tower Hamlets Homes maintenance work there has been one such incident a month.

Other residents say that at least two front doors of flats in Reardon House have been set alight.

At the time of publication LW has not received any formal information from the Metropolitan Police.

We will be carrying out a fuller investigation tomorrow and publishing any more details when we get them.

It is not known if anyone has been injured during these robberies.

Beware of any unexpected callers

In the meantime residents in Wapping should be very wary of any unexpected callers, especially in Tower Hamlets Homes blocks such as Reardon House.

  • Do not open the door to anyone you do not know or are not expecting.
  • If you have a peep hole in your front door use it.
  • If you have a chain on your door make sure it is on whenever you are at home.
  • Anyone on official business will have formal identification which you should ask to see either through a peephole or through a chained door.
  • If you see anything suspicious dial 999 and report it to the police immediately.


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  1. Yesterday I visited 5 flats in Reardon House. 3 families were home and gave details of one robbery on 6 Dec and one front door fire and an attempted break in that occurred 2-3 weeks ago. Police, forensics and fire brigade attended. I don’t yet know other details. Regarding ASB and crimes, security, scaffolding, building works, CCTV and safety measures for residents I also contacted TH Homes, Borough Commander, Wapping SNT and PSO, LBTH housing director and the cty safety team. SNT team will visit today and I will pursue others until people feel safe in the flats. Cllr Denise Jones

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