Red Lion Court development work stops – so can we have our road back please?

UPDATE 08 December 2016 Local sources are telling Love Wapping that the company involved in the Red Lion Court have gone into administration. It does seem there is a plan to remove the steel work from the road. Anyone with more detailed information please get in touch.

Work seems to have stopped at the Red Lion Development site in Reardon Path at the same time that a variation to the original Planning Application has been submitted.

Although there has been no activity on the site for the last couple of weeks Reardon Path is still blocked by the steel structure that supports Red Lion Court – obviously because otherwise it would fall over.

Reardon Path looking south towards the river.

The new Planning Application (PA/16/03225/A1 | Provision of 4no. residential units and associated alterations at ground floor level of Red Lion Court | Former Red Lion Court, 77-79 Wapping High Street, E1) can be found on the Tower Hamlets Planning Register if you search for 03225 .

Reardon Path looking north.

The key issue seems to be this: Technical Note 2: Car Parking Provision Review.

“It is now proposed that a planning application is submitted to remove the remaining car parking at ground floor level and to provide 4 additional residential units. The development would be car free and as such it is proposed that only 2 disabled car parking spaces would be provided. It is considered that these could be provided on street.”

Red Lion Court

LW has no expertise in planning and so will not be giving any opinion as to if having four more flats is a good thing or not when traded off against the car parking spaces.

LW is a bit baffled as to why this minor detail of the total number of flats was not sorted when the original planning application went in? There was quite a lot of discussion about Red Lion Court even before a formal application was submitted, see previous posts here and here.

And why has work stopped? Did the developers get out of bed a fortnight ago and suddenly think “Blimey! We could build another four flats in Red Lion Court! Why didn’t we think of that before? Let’s stop work while we submit another planning application!”

Who knows. LW contacted Rainsford Contracts last week but has yet to receive a response.

Contact details on Red Lion Court site.

Many thanks to Cllr. Julia Dockerill for making some enquiries and finding the new planning application.

If you live next to Red Lion Court please get in touch and let us know your views.

Nice crane.