24 hour party people? Two music events in Wapping for New Year 2017

There will be two music events in Wapping over New Year 2017 period, one in Studio Spaces in Pennington Street from 22.00 New Years Eve until 06.00 New Years Day and then another one in Tobacco Dock from 12.00 New Years Day until 22.30.

LW only found out about the Tobacco Dock event by literally stumbling over a flyer in Wapping Lane last night and then was told by the staff at Wapping Overground about the Pennington Street event.

Welcome to Wapping! Portable toilets opposite Wapping Overground station.

Only this morning were numerous large flyers visible stuck on walls and the church in Wapping Lane telling Wapping residents in some detail and in very small type about the Tobacco Dock event (see photo at bottom of page).

Would you read this? Could you read this?

These flyers have been put up way too late and are unreadable by anyone who notices them. And several residents we spoke to this morning had not realised what they were.

Flyer stuck on drainpipe outside St. Peters London Docks Church.

To accompany the sudden appearance of these flyers a portable toilet had been placed outside Wapping Overground and another on Wapping Green.

Yes it is good for these to be provided – question is why should we have our neighbourhood transformed without any warning?

Several issues arise from this.

  1. How did Tower Hamlets Council allow two music events like this in a very small area back-to-back in terms of time? Because, as we know from previous large events, the impact can be felt right across Wapping.
  2. When were the flyers posted? We think only 24 hours before the event. That is not right.
  3. Consideration has to be given to the size of the events held at Tobacco Dock and Studio Spaces in Pennington Street. Both these businesses have a right to operate, but they also have the duty to respect the community in which they operate.

Event Producer Contact Details

You can contact the Event Producer of the Tobacco Dock event, Alice Favre, on 07976 554 848 or 07956 513 135. Tobacco Dock can be contacted on 0207 680 4001.

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  1. Actually the pictured portable toilets have been placed; not as usual beside Wapping Station; but opposite at the end of Old Dock Street right outside The Carronade’s windows & ours – so we have a direct & unpleasant view into the open sided urinal unit!

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