Are you prepared for the Whitechapel Ward By-Election? Is anyone?

Due to the unfortunate fortunate well overdue jailing of Shahed Ali, one of the intellectual giants of the Tower Hamlets First / Tower Hamlets Independent Group (THING) / Independent / Islamic Forum Europe / Respect / Whatever They Are Called on Thursdays Party there is a by-election in Whitechapel on Thursday 1 December.

The below is a straight copy and paste job [feeling lazy today] of the Council press release of the basic information needed to do the voting thing.

On Election Day, go to your local polling station. Your allocated station can be found at

Polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm.

Tell the staff inside the polling station your full name and address, they will check your details on the electoral register.

You can show them your poll card, but you do not need your poll card to vote.

The staff will give you a ballot paper showing the names of the six candidates and the party they represent or if they are independent.

If you have a visual impairment, you can ask to see a large print ballot paper or a tactile voting device to assist you to vote in secret.

Go to one of the voting booths and read the ‘How to Vote’ notice and the instructions on how to complete your ballot paper.

Mark a cross (X) in the box on the right hand side of the ballot paper opposite the name of the candidate you are voting for.

Do not write anything else on the paper or your vote may not be counted.

When you have voted, fold the ballot paper in two.  The presiding officer will ask to see the number on the back of the ballot paper before you put the ballot paper in the ballot box. Do not let anyone see your vote.

If you are not clear on what to do, ask the staff at the polling station to help you.

Election – FAQs

When will the polling stations be open?

Polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm.  The location of your polling station is printed on your poll card or you can visit our online polling station finder: (link to be added)

I have lost my poll card, can I get another one?

If you are on the register, you don’t need a poll card to vote, so another one won’t be sent to you.  You can attend the polling station and staff there will help you. The poll card is just to inform you that there is an election and explain where your polling station is located.

When will the votes be counted?

The votes will be counted after the close of poll on 1 December 2016.  Will Tuckley, the Returning Officer for Tower Hamlets will declare who has been elected for Whitechapel Ward later in the evening.

For help call our elections helpline on: 020 7364 0872 or visit

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